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Over 14 years experience in laser treatments, treating all skin types with dual laser technology ND YAG and Alexandrite laser machines. View over 100 reviews across Facebook, WhatClinic, Google and the Zest review pages. A specialist skin clinic with medical grade CYNOSURE Elite lasers. Free patch test and consultation, evening appointments 4 nights per week.

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Click below to read our reviews or go straight to our facebook page, we are an industry training institution so you know the service and experience you receive are second to none.

Zest is the results first choice?

  1. No course purchase requirement, pay as you go sessions
  2. True medical grade CYNOSURE Elite machine
  3. Over 14 years performing hair removal
  4. Locally Irish owned and operated
  5. Guaranteed results from the first session

Experience & education means everything

  1. CIBTAC Accredited
  2. CIDESCO Accredited
  3. ITEC Accredited
  4. City and Guilds industry master trainer

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Zest laser hair removal in Swords provides hair removal for men and women, our by appointment clinic means no waiting times and a private treatment. We are the home of any full bikini line for only €49. We specialise in skin health and the treatment of skin conditions, our equipment is best of breed and what is used in leading aesthetic clinics. You will be hard-pressed to find a more professional and knowledgeable clinic.

How often can you get laser hair removal?

Hairs are treated when in the growth phase, sessions are 4 to 6 weeks apart this catches the most hairs within that growth phase. Each session treats a percentage of the hair in the growth cycle inhibiting the ability to grow new hair. Effective permanent hair reduction is normally achieved in 6 sessions.

Do I need to shave before laser hair removal?

The day or night before the treatment the area has to be shaved with a new razor. No other method of hair removal should be used during the course of laser depilation. Take your time when shaving and use a shaving oil or cream. After you have finished do not apply any products apart from 100% pure AloVera Gel. On the day of your session make sure you have removed any products. A gentle facial cleanser is perfect in preparation for your laser session.



Back of Neck

Full Arms

Hair removal effectiveness and side effects

One of our longer reads this article covers the three main laser machines, Cynosure, Lumenis LightSheer & Candela GentleLase an unbiased look at laser hair removal for people wanting to be informed in the decision-making process.

Common hair removal questions

Common questions raised, this article is a basic laser FAQ to help answer some of the questions people often have before their laser treatment. We also cover the facts of laser versus IPL with so many salons selling IPL and calling it a laser.

Bikini line hair removal

The Bikini line, one of the single most popular hair removal areas. In this article, we cover most of the common questions and how to prepare for your bikini line laser sessions. If you follow some simple preparation it is quick & simple.

With the popularity of entire body laser hair removal, we have brought in a new subscription option, a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment that is easy to budget and allows you to work toward and entirely hair-free body. Don’t forget with Swords laser hair removal there are NO PRE COURSE PURCHASE requirements and our laser specials carry through your entire 6 sessions. To see what laser specials we have this month go to Club Zest our monthly treatment club for clients.

Brazilian Bikini Line Swords the Full Bikini Hair Removal

Brazilian, Californian, Hollywood or the Standard Bikini line all just €49 per session Saving over €400 over a course of 6 sessions. Our results are effective from the first session, our reviews are a testament to our client focus and results.

Best laser hair removal in Swords? Has to be Zest, where the client experience is everything.