How to gain the best results for your waxing hair removal

Going along for a full leg and bikini wax may not exactly be your favourite salon visit.

Waxing visits are probably the one time you want your therapist not to delay, keep the time to a minimum and get you out ASAP!

You may be a regular waxer, religiously attending your wax appointments, but what do you do in between? It goes without saying you do not shave or remove the hair before your next visit. Your therapist needs length in those bad boys to give you a perfect wax every time.

You can do a few more things to both make for an excellent wax and a more comfortable wax on each visit. Top of the list has to be exfoliation. You must exfoliate regularly, but particularly with the lead up to your next salon visit. Removing the surface layer of dead skin cells will assist any possible ingrown hairs break through and remove easily when waxed over. Remember not to exfoliate for at least 24 if not 28 hours prior to your visit, so plan ahead with this one. Regular body brushing is an excellent way to keep your skin in top condition all year round.

You may wish to perform dry body brushing before showering or wet body brushing in the shower. A buffing cloth or gloves work really well too. When exfoliating, remember to go in circular motion working the product into your skin from head to toe. After exfoliating your skin may feel a little tight. Combat this by slathering on a hydrating body cream. A water-based one works best. One, which is more oil-rich, may sit on the skin as opposed to sinking in.

For areas such as the bikini line, the hair may need trimming ahead of time. Trimming bikini hair before your waxing appointment will make the whole experience more more pleasant for you.

Use a manicure scissors to perform this, not a razor (or any other potentially dangerous implement). However don’t overdo it, remember your therapist needs something to work with. An ideal length is ½ to ¾ inches long, although with facial waxing the hairs can be removed when shorter.

If you are prone to ingrown hairs, exfoliation is imperative. You may also be interested in an AHA/ BHA treatment, which you would apply daily to really get on top of things.

If you use such a product remember to stop using it four or five days before your salon appointment and then avoid use for a week after waking the area.

It’s the week of your waxing appointment and things have changed; perhaps you now have your period or a couple of nasty ingrown hairs have come to your attention, maybe you have knocked your knee into something and have a huge cut to show us your war wound. With all of this in mind, perhaps Scarlet O Hara in Gone With the Wind was right, “tomorrow is another day”. Well perhaps more than literally a day, but if you are feeling a little blue, the last thing you may need is more discomfort so it could be a good idea to postpone your wax appointment for another week.

Similarly, if your skin has been overexposed to the sun and you’re looking a little more pink that normal, it is essential you postpone your waxing appointment. Your therapist will not wax over sunburned, inflamed or irritated skin; so instead of wasting a trip, pick up the phone and re-schedule.

It’s the day of your appointment and what can you do at this point? Well, plenty actually. First of all take a bath or shower. No, I don’t just mean for hygienic reasons, although this is recommended also, but having a bath or shower is a great way to hydrate and soften the skin. Hydrated skin makes the removal and easier and much more comfortable experience.

I’m not really one for pain killers but if you are that way inclined you may like to take an anti-inflammatory painkiller about an hour before your appointment time. It will reduce the risk of any possible swelling and discomfort.

Talk to your therapist. Tell her if you are feeling a little anxious, always feel it more than others, go quite red after a wax or even have a chit chat with her. A dead silence may make the experience worse for you. Chit chatting about the latest youtube clip or what your plans for the weekend will be are always good topics to cover whilst keeping your mind off things.

So the next time you visit your local salon for your regular waxing appointment, you could have an all round much more pleasant experience if you follow some of these guidelines. Happy waxing!

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