Ultramarines in mineral make up, could be an acne trigger

I spend my days saying to both customers and clients that “no two skins are alike”.

This is 100% the truth. I truly believe that when it comes to skincare, nothing is set in stone and every case is individual. Every facial is personalised, every home care routine is tailor-made and nothing is textbook when it comes to any individual.

Although we as therapists are highly trained and knowledgeable on the various skin types, skin conditions, complications, contraindications, ingredients and pretty much every aspect of beauty, over the years, we sometimes question ourselves and others around us.

I firmly believe that we as the human race, in any industry, certainly in the beauty industry never stop learning. Products, treatments and theories continually change, are being updated and we must keep up with the times.

It’s very interesting to observe what the various beauty companies say from time to time. For instance, one of their products may contain a certain ingredient, which they claim to be an added bonus in that product. Down the line, as that ingredient is brought to our attention for ill reasons, they may remove that ingredient, sometimes unknown to us, other times creating a mass hype about the marvellous change that has taken place.

Similarly, companies vary from each other in what they say. For example, one company may use and love a certain ingredient, whereas others may make a point of saying they omit this ingredient from their product, as it is undesirable or worse, not safe.

With conflicting ideas and theories, you can’t but question everyone and begin to carry out your own research, which is what I have done. I have spent some time, checking ingredients against one another, searching for the answer to my transient concern; acne breakouts from mineral powder foundations.

For the most part I have good skin, but am prone to acne breakouts and excessive oil flow if not using the correct products to suit my skin type. As you all know, I try and test numerous products, review them and give you my honest opinion. I, like everyone I’m sure, have my old reliable, much loved, all time favourite products. I know that that particular cleanser, scrub, moisturiser and mask works best for my skin. However as I’m in the industry I am in, I continually try and test endless amounts of other products, which often can be detrimental to my skin, throwing the oil flow out of balance and often resulting in a much-dreaded breakout. I know trying any new product that it can potentially irritate or alter the condition of my skin, which more often than not, for me causes breakouts.

I would say my skin it quite durable and not overly sensitive in the traditional sense of causing sensitivity, causing redness, inflammation or dry skin. Instead, my skin can be sensitized through the form of acne. Breakouts flare up due to a sensitization of the skin. So when I say I am sensitive to certain products, remember sensitivity comes in many forms, for me causing breakouts.

Mineral powder foundation is favourable for the skin, particularly for sensitive skin. A true mineral powder foundation will contain the highest quality of natural ingredients and be free of harmful ingredients. In my opinion once you go mineral you will never go back. It feels extremely light on your skin while still providing great coverage and lasting well throughout the day.

As I said before no two skins are alike, similarly no two products are alike. If you check the ingredients on your mineral powder foundation you will most likely find ingredients such as mica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and iron oxide. These are standard mineral makeup foundation ingredients. Other additives may vary from brand to brand. It is this which has made me divulge and investigate more, questioning myself as well as what I had been informed of through the years.

When we talk about mineral foundations a key ingredient which always comes up is Bismuth Oxychloride. Many tell us that Bismuth Oxychloride is pore blocking, causes acne breakouts and to avoid any foundation which contains this ingredient. In my opinion, if you are someone who is prone to acne breakouts this is absolutely gospel! You should steer clear from any foundation, which contains Bismuth Oxychloride as it will most likely further irritate acne, causing you to breakout more. For me this is certainly the case.

However if you are someone who has never battled acne and breakouts are not a concern of yours, then this point is possibly arguable. Although Bismuth Oxychloride usually irritates and causes further breakouts, some claim it will not cause acne to form, that it could not give you acne, if you are not already prone to it.  It won’t exacerbate problems, which don’t already exist.  ON the plus side, it does give a beautiful shiny glow to the skin, which is desirable for many.

On another note, other ingredients, which often pop up in mineral makeup are ultramarines. Ultramarines are commonly used in mineral powder foundations. They are synthetic pigments used to give colour to the product. Although they are not FDA approved for the lip area, they are for the face. I don’t know about you but if something is not safe for the lip area, I still don’t feel comfortable putting it on my face. When I apply my mineral powder foundation I cover the entire face, even around the lip area, so the addition of this ingredient concerns me.

Furthermore, I have noticed a pattern whereby mineral powder foundations containing Ultramarines have caused me to breakout. This ingredient is not especially known for doing this, however for me it seems to be the case. It could, of course, be a coincidence but through the process of elimination, it seems to be the case for me.

We talk about genetics and how patterns form within families. Often if someone has great skin, they will mention their mother and grandmother before them did too. This is a classic case of good skin through genetics alone. Those lucky ones, tend to not have any great skin concerns and can concentrate mainly on protecting and preserving it through the years.

Others will battle common skin complaints like acne, dry skin, premature ageing etc. sending them on the never ending search for the right skincare for them. What suited their mum or sister in the past, may not be of any use to them, therefore going against the previous idea of good family genes.

With all of this in mind we really can see that no two skins are alike. We are all an individual from head to toe and we go through the circle of life, so too does out skin. The treatments and products that suited us in out twenties, most likely wont in our thirties and so on. You will find that even the skincare regime you had last summer will have to be reviewed this winter.

So to summarise, don’t take just one opinion, do your research, check ingredients, keep open to other ideas and theories, no two skins are alike and nothing is set in stone.

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