Skin Rejuvenation

When you think of skin rejuvenation what do you imagine? For most its laser and light treatments, which deliver incredible results. However similar to many things in life there are other options.

Peels, medical micro needling and microdermabrasion, are just a few types of skin rejuvenation treatments. A course of one may suit more than the other. Your therapist may suggest mixing and matching various treatments. At the time of consultation, this will be established and explained to you.

Various treatments are widely available as a means to rejuvenate our skin. When choosing a treatment or series of treatments with your skin care professional, it is important to consider a few key points.

Age, commitment, budget, expectations, medical history, lifestyle and pain threshold are some key points to consider before proceeding with your skin rejuvenation programme.

For example consider this; Laura, a twenty-year-old Commerce student, visits for a skin consultation. Laura works most Saturday nights at the local pub while studying at DCU. She is extremely interested in undergoing a series of four medical micro needling sessions over the coming months because her mum had said treatment last year with exceptional results.

Would I go ahead and treat Laura?

The answer is yes! I would treat her, however not with a course of 4 consecutive micro needling sessions. As a skin care professional, it is my ethical duty and obligation to open her up to other options. Although both she and mum require a form of skin rejuvenation treatments, as no two skins are alike no two treatment programmes are either.

Taking into account Laura’s age, commitment, budget, expectations, medical history, lifestyle and pain threshold it is evident that what my client wants and what my client needs are two very different things. In this situation, I explain the reasons why, offer a better solution and overall educate my client on the many treatment options available, catering to her individual needs.

Now let’s consider polar ends of the scale which can often be a more sensitive of the two. Consider this, Jenny, a heavy smoker, on the preferred side of sixty visits the clinic, wishing to have a hydrating facial to rejuvenate her skin in the hope to appear more youthful.

While a good facial should never be underestimated or avoided, a hydrating facial most likely will fail to meet her expectations. With Jenny’s aspiration to appear more youthful, a more advanced option should be presented. A delicate subject, so delivery and discussion is vital however I find that clients appreciate honesty, results and options.

Skin is an organ that we all have. Beauty is something most have an interest in, and together, skin and beauty is my passion. I want to educate you on treatment options available, offer alternative solutions and above all achieve and maintain results.

In booking a detailed skin consultation, you are requesting knowledge and guidance from me. My consultations are not merely a platform to make a sale and increase profit margins.

As a passionate educator in the industry, I wish to pass knowledge to both clients and students alike. Instead of selling a course of treatments I will open your mind to the many options available and the protocol in which to do so.

Nothing is written in stone, and no two skins are alike. How can you expect to shop off the rack for skin rejuvenation?

At Zest we don’t sell treatments, we sell results. We don’t treat masses, we treat individuals and finally we don’t offer a one size fits all. We see life as a little more complex, and we do love a good challenge.

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