Men in Makeup & Boosting Confidence

Men and makeup

When we think of men who wear makeup, we tend to think of fabulously flamboyant men, those on stage or at least in the public eye; however, this is not strictly the case.

The modern man has evolved from the Neanderthal man we once knew. Facial hair is almost like a rite of passage, male treatments and skincare products are rapidly increasing and so too is makeup.

Average Joe blogs are wearing foundation or concealer for a variety of reasons and why shouldn’t they? Isn’t it a backwards society that forces us to believe that only us females wish to conceal our imperfections or flaws be it short term or a daily habit?

At Zest, I have a great deal of male clients, from all walks of life. Similar to my female clients, they are from various countries and ethnicity/. They work in a variety of jobs such as mechanics, musicians, semi-pro boxers, accountants, sales representants, model/ actors and taxi drivers to name but a few. These men are married, single, divorced, gay, straight and more. Some are in their twenties, most in their thirties and forties and one even in his seventies that I think is truly fantastic that a man of his era has a modern man way of thinking.

The one thing that is often a common trait with this broad spectrum of male clients is that many wear makeup of some kind. Typically this will be a small bit of concealer or foundation post treatment for a couple of days as this skin heals. Others, choose to do so on a regular basis.

One client I have been a very shy gentleman, with severe acne scars. Who are we to say he cannot conceal them, before leaving his house to avoid uninvited stars (because we know how nasty society can be)?

Another male client of mine visited to eliminate thread veins from his face. With slight bruising being a likely post-treatment appearance, he was more than comfortable applying Image conceal to his skin. When I probed a little, I discovered he works a 9 to 5 office based job but is a semi-pro kickboxer on the weekend. Obviously a black eye doesn’t look the best with a suit at meetings Monday morning so a little concealer goes a long way.

Another male client who springs to mind is a gentleman who came to me some time back, wanting a solution to his rosacea. With a lot of persuasions, he has changed many things, one of which is love for the sun.

This sun worshiper has come to the realisation that although he may feel his rosacea briefly improved while being in the sun, the heat caused, plays absolute havoc with his skin. Ageing it and causing further skin concerns such as pigmentation or worse.

Over time, this man’s skin is not looking less tanned and more classic Irish shall we say. I know it’s a great change for him so I introduced him to the Image Skincare Daily Tinted Moisturise with SPF 30+. He was previously using the matte formula but the addition of a hint of a tint was enough to make him feel he had a little glow, putting a little Zest in his step!

So you see ladies and gentlemen, it’s not what you once thought. The man has evolved. Modern man is embracing options and forgive me for sounding gruff but why the hell not? Shouldn’t they too present themselves in the best possible way each day? The only thing I would suggest and this too goes for my female clients is that less is more. Be sure to enhance your natural beauty or beast and avoid masking the true you.

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Emma Ryall
Educator, Proprietor, Aesthetician at Zest Skin Clinic & Laser Hair Removal
Licenced Aesthetician, CIBTAC, ITEC and CIDESCO accredited professional therapist with over 14 years industry experience, specialising in skincare. Emma is also a master trainer City & Guilds – Accreditation No: 500/5753/4
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