Laser hair removal in slow motion video

Really good video of the ND YAG laser showing how it works with slow motion film. As noted in the video the hair was left long for dramatic effect. When you have your laser hair removal the area is shaved before the procedure.

The video also goes through the science behind laser hair removal and how the melanin is critical in the way it works.

The laser being used is the CYNOSURE Elite ND Yag, we recognise the handpiece and you can just see part of the machine in one of the frames. Quite fitting that it is the same laser machine as used here at Zest.

Overall it is an interesting video we believe for the public or industry

Is laser hair removal effective?

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects, Treatment, Effectiveness. A comprehensive article covering the three main brands. CYNOSURE, Lumenis LightSheer and Candela Gentle Lase. Providing information on what to expect out of your hair removal sessions, perfect if you are still making up your mind if laser is for you.

How to guide of laser hair removal

People often have many questions regarding laser treatments so we have put together several pages covering just about anything you may wish to know. The list of laser frequently asked questions covers a good proportion of common laser questions. All our informational pages are from a neutral unbiased base.

How to prepare for laser hair removal

The laser treatment guideis for people about to start a course of laser hair removal and covers the best practises for preparing for treatment, during treatment and after treatment. It also touches on some of the problems the industry faces with low-cost machines and in unskilled hands, not all machines were created equal.

Brazilian laser hair removal information

The amount of Brazilian hair removal questions is astounding, so we thought we would try and answer as many questions as possible on the bikini area and laser hair removal. Follow the linked text and land on a smooth you, a page constantly expanding to cover every question that curly little hair raises.

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