How to Prepare & Maintain the perfect spray tan

It starts with faking it, not baking it.

A guide to gaining the best spray tan in Dublin

There are a few key factors to obtaining and maintaining a beautiful spray tan. Similar to most things in life, preparation is the key to success.

Pre-Spray Tan Advice

  • Exfoliate from head to toe, preferably the day before
  • Moisturise the day before treatment. D
  • Do not moisturise on the day of your spray tan, as this can cause a barrier
  • Shave/wax at least 24 hours before treatment
  • Remove all product i.e. deodorants/perfumes/make-up before treatment as these can affect result
  • Remove any jewellery and leave off until you shower off your spray tan
  • Wear old, loose, dark clothing
  • Wear or bring thongs for your feet; avoid boots, tights, trainers and socks
  • Tan can sometimes stain underwear- wear old undies, a disposable g-string (provided) or no undies to avoid having a tan line.
  • Eyebrow tinting must be carried out at least 24 hours prior and post to having your spray tan, as it will affect the colour.

After Spray Tan Advice

  • Avoid washing your hands, splashing with water and rain until you shower off your tan
  • Do not spray perfume, deodorant or use any product on your face or body until you shower off your tan
  • Avoid tight clothing until you shower off your tan
  • Try to keep cool to avoid sweating until you shower off your tan
  • Try not to touch any part of your face or body while your tan is developing as you don’t want to end up with tanned palms in the morning
  • When the time comes, shower in warm (not too hot) water, use a tiny amount of gentle body wash and keep the shower time to a minimum. You will notice the bronzer washing off. Do not panic, this is just the bronzer. Shower until the water runs clear, to ensure this bronzer has been removed. You will be left with the tan, which remains. Do not be alarmed when your Rapid tan appears not to have worked; you may shower it off after just one to two hours, but it will continue to develop after showering
  • After showering gently pat your skin dry instead of rubbing
  • Once you have showered off your tan apply moisturiser (not a body oil as this will affect your tan) both morning and night to help prolong your tan. The more you moisturise, the better!
  • Take care when exercising, as heavy sweating may cause the tan to fade unevenly and prematurely
  • Avoid long, hot showers and especially baths as well as visiting swimming pools and Jacuzzis for long periods of time as it will shorten the life of your tan
  • Avoid waxing as this will remove your tan
  • Avoid shaving as this will affect your tan

Best Spray Tan in Dublin

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Things to consider

Remember that your spray tan does not contain any SPF so you still need to apply your SPF daily. Some medications can affect your tan. Antibiotics can stay in your system for up to four weeks (sometimes longer) and alter the PH of your skin which can result in the tan not developing to its full potential or Another thing to take into consideration before having a spray tan is medication. Ideally, you shouldn’t have a spray tan for four weeks after completing a course of topical or oral antibiotics as they can stay in your system for quite a while. Certain antibiotics can alter the skin’s PH thus creating orange effects or not allowing the tan to develop as it would normally. I strongly advise against spray tan while pregnant. If breastfeeding, please inform your therapist, so she can avoid the breast and nipple area. It is also a good idea to wear a bikini top to ensure baby’s safety.

Remember it’s better to fake it, not bake it!

False Tan Advice Which tan to Choose

Personally, I prefer a salon spray tan application if it sprayed by the right person. We have all had a botch job, where the tan is sprayed so heavy it gives that dimpled caked-on effect, or else the famous white strip running down you leg, where the poor lighting meant she missed it. Everyone has a spray tan saga story, and every therapist has had a spray tan mess up a little on her. It truly is not always the fault of the therapist. When booking your spray tan, the salon should advise you on your pre-care.

When booking your spray tan, the salon should advise you on your pre-care.

This involves, exfoliate well two or three times the week coming up to your spray tan application avoid deodorant, perfume, body lotions etc the day of your spray tan (unless you like that lovely green effect) paint your fingers and toenails with a coat of clear nail polish to help prevent staining of the nails wear loose dark clothing bring flip flops try to arrive a little early for your appointment so as not to be flustered and perspiring.

If these procedures are not taken, it more than likely will result in flaws, to no fault of the therapist. Some salons will even refuse to apply the tan if they feel you have not followed through with these procedures, as it will appear that they have a poor tanning solution or therapist. For those of you that are regular fake tan Thursday experts you must exfoliate regularly.

As you notice your tan wearing off, scrub, scrub, scrub! When you continually apply tan even though you do exfoliate regularly, you do get a build up of tan. It’s important to give your skin a break from tan every couple of months. Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Allow it to breath.

After you have had your spray tan, your therapist will advise you on the following, allow your tan to dry for approx ten minutes before getting dressed don’t panic, the colour that you are now is not the colour you will end up with. The initial bronzer is simply a gauge for the therapist to spray an even tan.

This always appears slightly orange and sometimes slightly green. The green tinge is added to prevent you going orange when the chemicals react with your skin if possible leave your bra off to avoid nasty strap marks make sure you avoid perfume, deodorant, body lotions, water (remember to avoid washing your hands for as long as possible) after having your tan applied avoid jewellery, white and  tight clothing, boots, etc. Try not to perspire your and clothes will stain, don’t panic, it all washes out in a good hot wash.

Remember, it washes off your skin in days, so it must wash off fabric too make sure you leave it a minimum of eight hours before having your shower.

The longer you can leave it the better. I always recommend to have it applied in the evening, leave it overnight and wash it off the following morning when showering, make sure you wash (don’t scrub) until the water runs clear. You want all the initial bronzer to come off, leaving you with a beautiful natural looking tan. Having had a shower, you may spray deodorant, perfume, body lotions, etc. as normal now it is up to you.

A spray tan lasts longer when maintained. Moisturise at least once a day with a good body moisturiser as your skin dries out with all tans and when this happens, your tan starts to look patchy.

Please note that spray tans do not contain SPF Sunscreen to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, so you must continue to apply a good sunscreen top up treatments are a good idea, but only if you have the top up tan applied within three days of the first application Really it comes down to three things, who applies the tan are the correct procedures being taken finance – salon tan is more pricey than home tan kits Some people prefer a cream tan application in the salon.

This is more time consuming on the therapist and is generally the only reason why is more expensive than the spray tan, which is more convenient. I would always recommend the cream tan for anyone that has dry skin. It tends to take longer to dry but is more hydrating on the skin than a spray tan.

The convenience and efficiency of a spray tan are often more appealing to people. However, there are some more mature ladies who just won’t entertain the idea of an airbrush system. Perhaps cream tans will become a thing of the past in salons. What a lovely thought for all you therapists out there. Imagine no more brown hands, fiddling around with a towel or leaving you client ages to dry!

This leads me to talk about automatic spray tans. You usually find these in solarium shops. Remember that hilarious episode of Friends where Ross had quite an experience in a spray tan booth? Need I say any more? Avoid them. They are pre-programmed to spray, meaning it is one for all. When a therapist applies your spray tan she can gauge it perfectly, unlike this one for all system.

Some tans tend to suit some people better than others. The only way of finding which tan suits you better is trail and error. I must have tried every tan out there, both home and salon tans.

If you are applying your home tan, ensure you follow the above guidelines. Pre-care is essential as you must prep your skin to achieve a perfect tan application. There are so many different brands of tans and types of tan out there,  sometimes there is too much choice. As you stand there in the supermarket aisle wondering which one to buy, the many t.v advertisements repeatedly run through your mind.

You need to look for a few things,
What is in your price range? Please note that often the cheaper tans are equally god if not better. Just because it is expensive doesn’t automatically mean it is suitable for your skin type. Always check the discount box to see what is being sold off. You might not need it for a week or too but it will save you in the long run.

Choose one to suit your skin type. If you are fair, don’t select a tan for darker skin types, etc.
Examine what the bottle says. For example, if it says the tan will be ‘a beautiful flawless tan lasting more than seven days’, you should know not to believe this. Any tan starts to fade after three days, and by day six you will be best to remove any traces that may be left. If the bottle states something that seems unbelievable or unrealistic, don’t underestimate your intelligence and put that one down!

Ask a friend of similar colouring what she has tried
I would always recommend my clients try various brands and types of tan on a weekend where you have nothing planned. Trial and error are the only way to find what suits you best. What suits your friend and lasts days on end on her may look disastrous on you, and vice versa. Always remember your separate SPF as false tans do not contain any SPF.

Apart from information to guide you in finding the best pre and post-spray tan care. The best spray tan in Dublin a perfectly bronzed body awaits you in Swords, Dublin. Rapid and standard tan options, call 01 890 2441 or book your spray tan online.

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