Skin health and the effects of alcohol consumption But let’s not lose the run of ourselves

Anybody who knows me will verify that I like my wine so don’t be disillusioned for one minute in thinking I am an anti-alcohol advocate by any means. I simply want to bring to your attention the effects of alcohol on your skin.

Good skin is not solely the result of a good skincare regime and regular treatments. I firmly believe you are what you eat, and drink too for that matter.

A boozy night on the town might put a little sparkle in your life, but come the morning after the night before and your eyes have well and truly lost their sparkle. Alcohol causes dehydration, particularly in the eye area, causing puffiness and dark circles. Our entire face feels and looks dull and lifeless, due the severe lack of water content on the skin. With an excessive amount of toxins flowing through the body, our body is unable to break them down and eliminate them in an orderly manner. These toxins have nowhere to go, which is why they often show on our face. Water is the best way to help flush out these toxins and promote beautifully healthy skin.

As well as your face being affected, so too is your entire body. Apart from feeling like death warmed up and having the inability to carry out your normal day-to-day routine after a boozy night, did you know that your whole body puffs up and bloat? This is a result of the fluid retention caused by excessive consumption of alcohol.

Reverting back to the concern of dehydration; not only does it rob your skin of its beautifully natural glow, it also encourages fine lines and wrinkles. Dehydration is a huge cause of fine lines and wrinkles due to the depletion of collagen and elastin fibers of the skin. So fight those wrinkles before they emerge by increasing your consumption of H2O.

Alcohol attacks the vitamin B levels in your body. Vitamin B is an essential requirement for healthy skin and hair. Don’t let alcohol turn your luscious locks and radiant skin into scraggly regrets.

Furthermore, I don’t know about you but I find after a night out on the town, I literally lose a day. I am unable to carry out my typical day, find it the biggest challenge on earth to make it to the gym and simply laze about feeling sorry for myself. I tend to eat all the wrong food types as my body crazes that sugar content, creating a vicious cycle.

I would never sit here and in a pompous manner say don’t drink in excess, don’t enjoy a good night out on the town with the girls or stay away from the devil’s drink. Instead, I suggest you limit it to lesser amounts, less often and enjoy a H2O chaser all night long, to keep your body’s water content topped up all night long. When you come home after a hard night of partying, be sure to drink a further pint of water before your head hits the pillow.

As preparation is the key to success I always try to drink plenty of water the hours leading up to a big night out. I apply a hydrating mask and continually spritz with a hydrating spritz. Water is free, it’s readily available and it should be your new BFF. Guzzle the water, monitor the alcohol intake and have fun without compromising your skin’s healthy appearance.

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