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Skin needling is quickly becoming one of our star treatments and an alternative to anti-wrinkle injections.

A better more natural approach to anti-wrinkle treatments

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Medical Micro-Needling

Dermal Needling, Micro-Needling, Meso rolling, CIT, Collagen Induction Therapy. Call it what you will, but one thing is for sure, the whole world is talking about it. Medical Micro Needling is the hot topic in clinics and salons all over the world however it is in fact far from the new kid on the block.

The first production and usage of rollers took place in 2007 to cater for the Asian market. Unlike treatments such as IPL and laser, medical micro needling induces collagen production without the risk of pigmentation on those with darker skin tones.

So what exactly is it? The roller used consists of tiny sterilised needling grouped together. This roller is used on the skin, to create microchannels that are pathways into the dermis. Having created these pathways, we then have the ability to send the product to the dermis, which is not possible with the likes of peels or similar treatments. With this in mind, we use highly concentrated professional serums that are rich in peptides, plant-derived stem cells, skin lighteners and other key ingredients that are essential for a healthy skin formation. Different Serums are used depending on your skin’s needs. Your therapist will establish this at the time of consultation prior to treatment.

Also to this, what we aim to achieve is to wound the skin, creating inflammation that yes I agree sounds a little malice, however, let us think about the act. When you cut your finger, you may notice when the wound heals over, and the skin starts to heal the new skin has formed younger, fresh and healthier than before? Because when there is a wound on the skin inflammation occurs, in turn, inflammation creates collagen and thus creates a younger, fresher and healthier skin. Now picture this transformation on your face.

Having had a micro needling session, collagen synthesis takes place and can continue for up to three months. This is why we still see the effects of a micro needling session for months after the session. A minimum of four, but preferably six weeks should be in between sessions, however particularly those with a younger skin, a couple of sessions a year will suffice. For those with deeper lines, wrinkles and scars a course of four is recommended.

Sounds fabulous doesn’t it? Too good to be true? Well, almost. The biggest downfall as I would say is that it’s not suitable for all. A detailed consultation with your therapist is the essential first step for this advanced skin treatment. Your therapist will assess you skin, discuss your skin concerns, determine if you are suitable or no. Establish which serum is most suited to cater for your skin’s needs and answer any questions that you may have. For example, those who are prone to keloid scars are not suitable candidates for fear of causing additional keloid scars. Unfortunately, diabetics to are not suitable due to the already poor wound healing ability. Clients who are prone to cold sores should wait until they are no longer active, and it is also advisable to undergo a course of antiviral medication to avoid a further outbreak. Should you have an allergy to metal, steer clear from this one, for obvious reasons. This is just a few to consider, but as mentioned your therapist will discuss in detail is this treatment is right for you.

When discussing this treatment with anyone, the number one question is ‘does it hurt?’ When we consider the action it sounds almost barbaric. When you see the treatment carried out, it can seem like some form of torture. However, all steps are taken to ensure your comfort and above all safety. Numbing cream is applied to the face for thirty minutes prior to rolling. Numbing cream is not just numbing cream. It can vary, and a good quality numbing cream is essential. Some price conscious clinics and salons will opt for more affordable rollers that are, chemically bonded i.e. glue. I have heard horror stories of said needles coming unbonded during treatment, resulting in needles becoming embedded in the skin. Need I say any more about the quality of rollers used in treatments? As if that wasn’t enough to be concerned about, industry stories commonly circulate with talk of running rollers under the tap and placing them back in the box for the next visit. Can you imagine a non-sterilised, re-used needle roller creating those pathways on your skin? No, I don’t want to consider that though any longer either. Sharps bin at the ready!

Let’s move on… Having covered the entirety of the face your therapist will treat your skin to a comforting mask drenched in hyaluronic acid and peptides that is like a giving your skin a comforting hug whilst providing a nourishing, thirst-quenching drink to it. Your treatment is complete with suitable serums and suitable SPF products.

When leaving your skin will be red and sensitive and often swollen. The next two weeks is the most important in terms of pumping goodness into your skin. Your skin will accept the likes of serums better than ever imaginable before. Your skin will also be extremely sensitive to the sun, and although you are good enough to wear your SPF without fail every day, it is imperative you are extra vigilant to reapply throughout the day. Having endured this top-shelf treatment, you do not want to run the risk of further pigmentation due to UV exposure post treatment. I hear some say ‘ I line in Ireland, so that is not a problem’. Anyone who knows me knows my response to this is simply ‘ 365’, meaning 365 days a year, we must wear a suitable SPF. As the UV rays are damaging 365 days a year, whether there is sun or cloud in the sky. Find one that suits you and simply get into the routine of applying every morning and reapplying when necessary. Personally I love one with a slight tint, making the re-application effortless even over makeup.

So ladies and gentlemen, does this sound like the treatment for you? Trust me it’s not for all. However, those who do will love, and those who do should investigate a little deeper before your therapist goes a little deeper into your skin. I have seen many salons significantly drop the price of this treatment, be it on a coupon or simply an in-store promotion. As this is quite a costly treatment to perform, I dread to think where the cutbacks have been placed to at least break even on this treatment, never mind turn any profit.

With everything in life, preparation is the key to success. Prepare your micro needling session by asking questions, gaining knowledge and understanding more about this medical grade procedure and your health will thank you for it.

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