Skin Conditions

Milk for Health but what about Acne?

One of the reasons that milk products aggravates acne is due to milk containing hormones. Cows that give the milk are pregnant and milking most of their lives; these hormones are not injected into the cows; they are natural hormones that cows make during every "menstrual" cycle, but throughout pregnancy, these hormones are produced continuously at high levels and so are found in all cows' milk. Because acne in many cases is caused by hormonal balance or sensitivity to hormonal changes; the reason many of us suffer during our own menstrual cycle, the natural hormones in the milk trigger acne breakout.

How to get rid of blackheads

Acne treatment products contain keratolytic ingredients, salicylic acid and glycolic acid; these are the most common included active ingredients. The active ingredients help in loosening and softening the keratinaceous plug. The correct name for skin cells is 'keratinocytes' and the suffix “lytic” meaning to decompose or disintegrate, therefore, 'kerato+lytic'. Enlarged pores are one of the concerns when not performing extraction; when using a correct procedure and products specially formulated for acne, we have a proper and professional treatment combating and curing the blackhead infestation.

Client comments regarding acne and rosacea make me angry

It is my job and responsibility to be abreast of the current research pertaining to skin conditions. Being a specialist in the treatment of acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis, in my opinion, carries certain responsibilities. I can forgive what beauty salons often tell clients as to be fair, the training level of skin complaints is just not part of the general beauty curriculum. Although, when we start speaking of Dermatologists, then there is no excuse to perpetuate misinformation and ignorance of the treatment and triggers of said skin problems.

Stress, acne and Coeliac disease

I put my constant breakouts into the I am stressed out basket, and regardless that will be one of the triggers. What I did not expect was to be diagnosed with Celiac disease. Returning home from Zest last year, I was in bits, the pain I was experiencing, I cannot say just how terrible it was. Doubled over and wondered what on earth was wrong with me, For several weeks I had been trying to put on a brave face for my clients when in reality I could have just sat and cried in pain. There was little choice but to visit the doctor, quickly sent away for tests it came back that I had to have my gallbladder removed, and I had Celiac disease a double whammy of great news.

Acne causes, treatment and how to minimise the chance of acne breakout

Despite teenage acne being some of the most problematic to treat, due to hormone derived acne, adults suffer from the condition to a great extent. Teenage acne often presents during puberty, increases in the androgen hormone lead to stimulation of oil produced by the sebaceous glands. Hair follicles in the dermis become congested with sebum, and you can think of acne as a roadblock in the skin. Environmental factors such as emotional stress, skin care products, food types and medications can all stimulate the sebaceous gland and create the environment for bacteria growth.

Acne makeup mission

A concealer with an acne trigger sounds like an evil marketing marriage Image Skincare, I Conceal Flawless Foundation has no place in my Acne Clinic. Maybe it is a sly marketing move, I mean a concealer that has an acne irritant in it. I was ashamed of myself for only recently discovering a certain Image Skincare products contains a particular ingredient. How could this be? How could I not have noticed this until now?

Acne, Rosacea and Nutrient Deficiencies

The case for our food quality directly influencing skin conditions such as acne and rosacea is not only strengthening; the rapid growth of gastrointestinal disorders celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease is also highlighting nutrient deficiencies within our populations. Overall, there are direct links to nutrient levels and food quality impacting our general health and the conditions we suffer.

Ultramarines in mineral make up could be an acne trigger

I spend my days saying to both customers and clients that “no two skins are alike”. This is 100% the truth. I truly believe that when it comes to skincare, nothing is set in stone and every case is individual. Every facial is personalised, every home care routine is tailor-made and nothing is textbook when it comes to any individual.