How to prepare for laser hair removal

I am sorry but we cannot perform your laser session today! That is a statement you do not want to hear when coming in for your laser hair removal appointment. One of the common reasons we have to turn people away for their session is not coming in with a tan but about to go on a weekend away in the sun. The client came in with no tan, had exfoliated, cleansed, had not applied any moisturisers or other products and had even nicely shaved the area, but during the consultation process informed us they were going away between visits. I will stay out of the sun while I am in Spain, I promise! We just cannot risk it, if you are heading out for some time in the sun your laser sessions will just have to wait until you come back.

The full Brazilian bikini line laser hair removal information

Laser hair removal of the bikini line, we discuss everything related to removing the pubic hair. Covering the main bikini lines, Brazilian, Californian, Hollywood, American, Standard & the extended bikini line. If you are wondering if bikini line laser hair removal is for you then you have found the information you were searching for. The in-depth article covers costs of laser hair removal in Dublin, and we are the home of laser any bikini line for €49.

Laser hair removal facts and common treatment questions

People have so many questions about laser hair removal that we decided to create a single resource to answer every question we possibly can. It also links to all our laser hair removal content, from this page you should be well informed to make your decision if laser depilation is right for you. We are also adding to the resource on a continual basis, if you have a question why not send it in and we will do our best to answer no matter what your question might be.

History of waxing, hair removal and the bikini line

Hair removal, a modern thing? Well no not even close, even a bare down there Hollywood has been in play for several centuries, bet you didn't know that! Women and men for that matter have been tweezing, scraping and waxing since ancient Egyptian times. The Greeks were very fond of removing their body hair and culturally hair removal has played a major part over the centuries. Come with mt for an adventure into hair removal, waxing and just how long has that bikini wax been popular for.

Laser Hair Removal Information Side Effects, Treatment, Effectiveness

Plucking, shaving, waxing or laser, most of us have tried to remove unwanted hair on our body in one way or another. Waxing, plucking and shaving are quick, inexpensive the procedure is straightforward but, they are temporary measures. Laser hair removal is the third most popular beauty based procedure in the world, with over 27 million treatments carried out over 2014. Laser technology has advanced a great distance from when it started in the early 90's, from slow & very painful, only able to treat light skin tones; to fast, less painful and able to treat all skin types.

Waxing hair removal tips from a therapist

Going along for a full leg and bikini wax may not exactly be your favourite salon visit. Waxing visits are probably the one time you want your therapist not to delay, keep the time to a minimum and get you out ASAP! You may be a regular waxer, religiously attending your wax appointments, but what do you do in between? It goes without saying you do not shave or remove the hair before your next visit. Your therapist needs length in those bad boys to give you a perfect wax every time.