Eating and Juicing your way to skin health

The reason products like the NutriBullet are so much better than a traditional juicer is you gain all the fibre often disregarded with a regular juicing machine. Traditional juicing is less beneficial than eating the vegetables or fruit, so ditch the juicer and get something like the NutriBullet. Whole juicing enables you to gain the maximum mix of vitamin-rich ingredients, more of them than eating as when it mashes down into a glass you can take so much more than the huge plateful if you were to eat regularly the ingredients.

Milk for Health but what about Acne?

One of the reasons that milk products aggravates acne is due to milk containing hormones. Cows that give the milk are pregnant and milking most of their lives; these hormones are not injected into the cows; they are natural hormones that cows make during every "menstrual" cycle, but throughout pregnancy, these hormones are produced continuously at high levels and so are found in all cows' milk. Because acne in many cases is caused by hormonal balance or sensitivity to hormonal changes; the reason many of us suffer during our own menstrual cycle, the natural hormones in the milk trigger acne breakout.