Celiac disease

A is for Avocado Eat your way to clear skin

One of the side benefits of Coeliac disease, trying to find the silver lining here folks, is a gluten free fresh diet is naturally healthy for our skin. With ties between high gluconic diets and acne, plus skin conditions prevalent in Coeliac sufferers in many ways, a gluten free diet is just a smart move for skin health. We have to be mindful, though, pre-packaged gluten-free food is often high in sugars, sorghum, tapioca, millet, potato and corn starches; these are all higher in carbohydrates and again are often aggressors of skin complaints. Apart from being high in carbohydrates, they also lack nutrients, empty calories we can call them. So the qualifying statement with gluten free and health is fresh is best and pre-packaged often not a good choice.

Stress, acne and Coeliac disease

I put my constant breakouts into the I am stressed out basket, and regardless that will be one of the triggers. What I did not expect was to be diagnosed with Celiac disease. Returning home from Zest last year, I was in bits, the pain I was experiencing, I cannot say just how terrible it was. Doubled over and wondered what on earth was wrong with me, For several weeks I had been trying to put on a brave face for my clients when in reality I could have just sat and cried in pain. There was little choice but to visit the doctor, quickly sent away for tests it came back that I had to have my gallbladder removed, and I had Celiac disease a double whammy of great news.