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Recover faster, help prevent further injury, gain more benefit from your training.

Massage Therapy

Welcome to Zest Flex, sports recovery, injury treatment and remedial massage located on the Main Street in Swords.

Deep tissue massage aids in:

  • Improve circulation
  • Improved range of movement
  • Aids in faster recovery times
  • Help in preventing over training injury

Injury rehabilitation, no one likes being injured and in particular when you are into fitness. Deep tissue sports massage derived from the Swedish massage technique, facilitates a speedier recovery. No athlete is complete without massage therapy within their training and recovery regime. Boldly said that without sports recovery massage, you may not completely recover from the injury

The following article covers many good reasons why massage should be a priority both for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

The Benefits of Massage

Even if you are not an athlete or dedicated fitness person you can still benefit from massage. I defy anyone not to work smarter and more efficiently after a relaxing massage. Stress interferes with all aspects of our lives, and it makes us snarky at partners, children or even the people we meet each day.

A good amount of research and training goes into massage therapy, combining several techniques to produce an effective, relaxing massage. The particular actions of the massage release tension in the muscles, in turn the overall body relaxes, and we mentally feel relaxed too.

After a deep tissue massage, it may not have immediate health effects. These deep tissue massages release fluids and tension within deep muscles. Often it is the next day when the full impact of the deep tissue massage come into effect.

Improved circulation and general nutrition of muscles. Increased muscle fitness with better movement and thus delivery of needed nutrients to the muscles.

Fitness Classes

Small groups and one on one fitness classes, TRX, Kettlebells, Weights, Floor Work. Call Zest Flex now to discover the best version of you. Phone: 01 890 2441 Text: 087 715 2933

Chain Fitness Clubs & Gyms

Is the gym just not doing it for you? Small groups and one on one training from a professional coach that might be the missing link. Zest Flex is all about results.

The fitness industry is lying to you. Why do you get weaker while working out harder? Maybe machines, endurance, and the dreaded Cross Fit, is just not what the trainer ordered.

Who said, you need to go to the gym, to get fit? More importantly how many people manage to reach their goals at the gym while watching daytime TV on the treadmills and cross-trainers. Gyms are the uncomfortable truth that commercialism knows no boundaries. The only part of you getting thinner, leaner and meaner at the gym is your wallet and purse.

As we age muscle mass withers away, it accelerates with age, impeding on how much fun is crammed into the days off. If you are seeing 40 coming and a want of shredding the slopes for years to come, you need muscle mass. What you don’t mean to be doing is following a circuit around a gym that ultimately is designed to keep you entertained, while the next payment is coming up.

Run by Derek Brown Zest Flex is the remedial, sports and fitness arm of Zest. Specialising in deep tissue massage, sports recovery massage and general fitness Zest Flex with Derek is your partner in good health.

Derek is a fully qualified personal trainer and massage therapist and is working towards becoming a Physical Therapist. Currently, Zest Flex offers a boutique, personal fitness program and a full range of massage therapies.

Zest Flex come in and discover the best version of you

  • Fitness Classes
  • Personal Training
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Dry Needling

Looking good starts with feeling good from the inside out. Zest is your partner in great skin care and health, to us they go hand in hand. Overall wellbeing, feeling great, looking fantastic and running up the stairs. Zest is a Zesty new approach to health and the beauty sector. We believe a lifestyle brand is just what we need to put a little Zest into the step of our days.

Want to look and feel fantastic…. Put a little Zest into your day.

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