Visiting Zest like a Man Laser Skin Clinic

  1. Where can I park?
  2. How long will it take?
  3. Will it hurt?

Our male clients visiting zest for laser skin treatments often have quite the differing set of questions than our female clients. With a slight tongue in cheek, we present our male clients the streamlined way to visit Zest and answer their three top questions.

Laser Rosacea for Men

Laser Rosacea & Acne Treatment

An effectively streamlined visit seems to be the order of many of our male clients. Will it hurt, a question we seldom hear from our female clients is so often in the top three questions our men ask.

  • Where can I park?
    As outlined the parking options are varied while convenient, we suggest Forester Way.
  • How long will it take?
    The average visit takes less than 30 minutes
  • Will it hurt?
    It is slightly painful, a slight stinging sensation, you will be left with a reddish appearance.

Where can I park and how long will it take, cure me, and make it snappy so often the want of men. As much as we do understand the male wanting to simply ‘be fixed’, even having men say, I take my car to the mechanic, and it is fixed. It is not that simple, and some commitment will be needed.

On many occasions, it has been a female client speaking of her husband.

“What has he tried we ask.”

“He tried this for a week, and he went and had this treatment but has not stuck at anything.”

We also come across many men that did not know they had Rosacea; this is far more common than you might think. The redness and rashes put down to shaving, or it just happens at times. Men are becoming more plugged into their skin, although we still have some distance to travel.

Redness, skin flare-ups during stressful times or even while working out are often signs of Rosacea. Many men present with a seasonal flaring of the skin and again putting it down to this is just how I am.

Rosacea in Ireland is very common, just being called the Celtic Curse is proof enough it inflicts our neck of the woods. Zest offers a specialized bespoke treatment approach to Rosacea. No two skins are alike and as such what works for one individual may not work on another. We use a combination of Laser & IPL platforms for light therapy. Cosmeceutical products specifically formulated for skin concerns accompany the treatment plan. Diet and missing trace elements plus hormonal imbalances also presenting triggers for Rosacea sufferers. We use the Advanced Nutrition Program range of supplements. These dietary supplements are formulated and patented for the treatment of skin conditions.

Zest gain results in the treatment of Rosacea, although it is also dependent on your commitment to treatment. Ladies take a course of treatment as given, our men often need nagging. Funny about that, beat the nagging and follow your Zest treatment plan.

Zest Skin Clinic and Laser Hair Removal incorporating Zest Flex and Zest Academy a complete destination for health & beauty.

Parking Main Street. Opportunistic only, €1 per hour, plan on parking in Forester Way €1.20 per hour, need 30min maximum. Or park in the Plaza, top of Forester way near Swords Plaza. Save a Euro? Park in the Pavillions, free parking first two hours.

Hair removal for men

Zest also specialise in hair removal for men. Our medical grade ND YAG and Alexandrite lasers allow for the treatment of all skin types. Offering a fast and effective treatment over typically 6 sessions.
Effective permanent hair reduction with Alexandrite & ND YAG laser systems. Hair removal across all Fitzpatrick Skin Types.

Taking on average 30 minutes out of your day laser hair removal offers the perfect solution to unwanted body hair. Gentlemen, it is not very painful, we can also thin the hair without completely removing it. We have found many men asking about the hair on their backs, chest and shoulders being thinned rather than removed. Thinning the hair over completely removing it is perfectly possible, and we can discuss this with you at the time of your consultation.

Zest utilise two types of medical grade laser machines, the Alexandrite and the ND YAG. Giving the capability to treat all skin types from very light to very dark.

After an initial consultation and patch test your sessions will be on average 30 minutes long, and you will experience minor pain. A slightly reddish appearance left after the treatment.