Supporting Skincare with Science Serums, Peels, Cosmeceutical Products

Advanced Nutrition Program

Skin Accumax Acne Treatment

Supporting our laser and light therapies we use a range of products scientifically leading in their categories and treatment results. Supporting the treatment process with skin disorders such as Acne, Rosacea and Skin Flair issues with the Advanced Nutrients range of products.

Image Facial Peels with bespoke formulations for Acne, Wrinkle Combating, Skin Lightening and Rejuvenation. Combining medical grade laser and light treatments with scientifically formulated and proven cosmeceuticals produces significant treatment results for sufferers.

Micro Needling and GenosysWe also use the Genesys Range of Serums in our collagen inducing treatments. Collagen therapy is an effective means of diminishing the signs of ageing and looking more youthful in appearance. Using a bespoke combination of scientifically formulated serums and inducing the body’s natural healing abilities and deep rejuvenation and regeneration of the dermis is possible. Combined with Laser & Light therapies it is an alternative to cosmetic surgery or botox/filler/collagen injections.

BHA/AHA Chemical Peels