Spider vein laser removal

Spider vein laser removal with a medical grade ND YAG laser machine, heating the broken capillary and destroying it. Over a few weeks, the body naturally reabsorbs the vein leaving no trace.

The removal of the spider veins is fast and with the CYNOSURE ND YAG laser with specially developed 1.5 mm handpiece provides a higher level of comfort for the client.

How does the laser work?

Through the handpiece, a focused beam of invisible light targets the pigment in the blood heating up the small spider veins and destroying them. With the particular wavelength used it allows for targeting the vein while not harming the surrounding tissue. Over a period of 4 to 6 weeks, the damaged vein material is reabsorbed into the body leaving no trace.

The beam of laser light penetrates the epidermis targeting the superficial thread veins. The laser light causes localised heat within the vein, coagulating the blood inside causing it to collapse and seal. Over the coming weeks, the veins will disappear leaving no trace of the treated veins.

What percentage of treated spider veins can be removed

In most cases all treated veins are removed if there are many veins a few treatments will be required. In some cases when the veins are quite deep or there are many larger veins, a typical success rate is about 90% removal.

How do I know if I am suitable for laser spider vein removal?

When you come to the clinic for your assessment and patch test, we assess the veins that are being treated and we perform a patch test. A patch test is required to make sure you have no adverse reaction to the laser device. We also make sure the veins are superficial spider veins and not the larger and deeper varicose veins.

Are there any precautions I need to take before commencing treatment?

When you come in for your assessment, we will advise you on any specific requirements. As a general rule, avoid sun exposure two weeks before treatment and do not use tanning products.

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