Unwanted Hair RemovalLaser, IPL, Waxing

Hair is quite common, we all apart from sufferers of Alopecia have normal hair growth. Hair removal a mainstay of salon treatments provides many options for removing that unwanted hair. ND: YAG and Alexandrite Laser a common method for semi-permanent hair removal.

Why do we have unwanted hair?

The reasons people have unwanted hair vary. From cultural norms through to hormonal imbalances can all contribute to the want of removing hair. Some people’s genetics means thick hair grows even in women. Many women wish to remove the excessive growing or thick hair. It is also possible in most cases to semi-permanently remove the unwanted hair. Medical grade Laser and IPL Machines are used to treat the unwanted hair areas. Normally over a period of 6 treatment sessions the hair is reduced to a few sporadic regrowth areas. After the initial treatment course, typically 4 to 6 sessions after that time a maintenance schedule of one to two treatments a year normally suffices.

Who will want to remove unwanted hair?

People want to remove hair for all kinds of reasons, aesthetically pleasing to some people through to sports people. Laser hair removal has come, a great distance over the last 15 years and men, make a substantial section of hair removal clients. Androgenetic hormones, the regulators of hair follicles, controlling where hair will and will not grow. Colour and thickness is also controlled by the androgen hormones, in men the hair is often more coarse and thicker. Many men select laser hair removal for their backs, chests and often legs. In women, the hair is much finer and lighter in appearance. Skin type, complexion all influence how effective hair depilation is with laser devices. ND: YAG, Alexandrite and Diode Lasers are all effective in achieving semi-permanent hair removal.

Unwanted Hair Treatment Options

Laser Hair Removal ND: YAG or Alexandrite

Semi-permanent hair removal can be achieved with a course of laser hair removal. Normally over a course of up to six treatments followed by one or two maintenance sessions per year. Diode Laser is also proving to be an effective form of hair removal.

Medical Grade IPL

Many IPL systems are capable of achieving semi-permanent hair removal. Lumens M22 Platform and Cutera Systems all provide similar results to Laser. As a rough guide a Medical Grade Machine and well-trained operators being the main criteria to treatment.


Hair depilation by waxing is still one of the single most effective and popular hair removal treatments. Many athletes and women for that matter select waxing as their preferred means of unwanted hair removal. Waxing provides a safe, quick and relatively painless method of hair removal.