Stretch Marks (striae) Common and treatable

Although many think of stretch marks as something that happens to women during pregnancy the reality is far different. Stretch marks are common with men and women, any time the skin has been under undue stress, stretch marks often appear.

What causes stretch marks?

We can prepare for stretch marks if we know they are coming for example while pregnant. Stretch marks form when the skin has had to stretch in any fast fashion often attributed with weight gain like pregnancy. In reality, weight loss is also a major contributor to stretch mark formation. With advancements in laser, IPL and resurfacing technologies we are able to treat stretch marks. Lessening of the definition or pigment discoloration and with laser and micro needling we are able to regenerate the skin. Overall a less pronounced scar and in some cases almost removal.

Who suffers from stretch marks?

People that have gone through rapid weight loss or gain often suffer from stretch marks. There is hardly a woman walking that has gone through pregnancy, that does not have stretch marks. A very common condition that affects many young teenagers going through puberty.

Stretch Mark Treatment Options

IPL Based Photo Rejuvenation Therapy

We use multiple technologies to treat stretch marks, IPL Rejuvenation of the skin helps even out skin tone. Deeper treatment of the scarred area removes darker pigmentation and lessens the appearance of the stretch mark.

Laser Resurfacing

Using medical grade lasers, we are able to effectively treat darker vascular pigmentation and regenerate the skin by utilising the bodies natural healing capabilities. Laser therapy for stretch marks further aids in the removing of pigmented discoloration and a rejuvenation of the skin.


Using Medical Micro-Needling, we are able to treat the scar tissue, with penetrating the skin’s surface and using formulated serums. Dermal needling with collagen inducing serums is a very advanced anti-wrinkle and scar treatment.