Leg Veins Spider, Blue & Varicose Veins

Leg Veins can show from a surprising, young age and often depends on your work. People that are on their feet all day and or cold floors can often develop leg vein problems. Ranging in colour from light pinkish red through to the darker blue Varicose veins.

What causes leg veins?

Blue Veins, Spider Veins and Varicose Veins are often caused by a lack of blood flow. The condition is called Venous Insufficiency, inadequate blood flow creates a pooling of the blood in the veins. Symptoms vary although Varicose Suffers will often feel a tidiness or aching of the legs. Some people have a genetic disposition with Varicose Veins running in the family. Occupation plays a significant factor as well. Airline cabin crew, factory workers and therapists often suffer from leg vein problems.

Who suffers from leg veins?

Leg vein concerns are one of the single most common vein complaints. Inflicting women more than men. Over 41% of women in their 40’s suffer from Spider or Varicose Veins and the lighter Blue Veins. As a comparison men in the same age group only around 24% of men suffer the same vein issues. In simple terms over half the female population suffer from leg vein problems.

Blue Vein, Spider & Varicose Vein Treatment Options

IPL Based Photo Rejuvenation Therapy

Medical Grade IPL (intense Pulsed Light) machines were developed specifically for surface and shallow skin complaints. IPL is the choice for superficial red veins.

Laser Vascular Treatment

Laser Vascular Treatment enable your skin therapist to effectively treat spider veins reticular veins (blue veins) & broken capillaries.