Freckles harmless beauty spots

The majority of freckles are completely harmless, many people having freckles since childhood. Appearing in clusters a lightish in colour often darkening with the summer months. UV Damage freckles are also common, coming under the sun spot umbrella. We always recommend a skin regime that includes the application of a 30+ sunscreen.

What causes freckles to appear?

Freckles come from the melanin production, controlling pigment and often round in appearance, a spot of darker pigment contrasts to the fairer surrounding skin. Genetics, a major factor in freckles with many people have a disposition from birth. Often covering the entire body and most prevalent in very fair people and often, people with red hair. Sun exposure is another major cause of freckles, people from hot sunny climates, or outdoors people often have more freckles caused from UV damage. These are not the same as ‘simple freckles’ or hereditary freckles, these very light in appearance freckle often fade in winter and more pronounced in winter.

Who suffers from freckles?

Very common in people with fair skin, red hair and green eyes often presenting a hereditary disposition to freckles. Often children as young as two already present with hereditary or common freckles. Red hair green eyes with freckles often portrayed as Celtic beauty in stark contrast to the Celtic Curse.

Freckles and do I need Treatment?

IPL Based Photo Rejuvenation Therapy

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) was specifically developed for the treatment of superficial blemishes such as Sun and Age Spots. Laser-based platforms have their place in Aesthetic based treatment such as Blue Veins but IPL is the platform for Liver Spot and Pigmentation Treatment.

Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

Often clients are looking for more then age spot removal they are after a more visible reduction in age. Skin rejuvenation therapy combining the latest technologies in anti-ageing treatments combine to produce a visible reduction in fine lines are wrinkles. Zest have assembled a custom treatment plan utilising laser, light therapies, medical skin needling, cosmeceutical products and dietary supported supplements. Our no two skins are the same methodology and customised treatment plans produces lasting and visible results.