Birthmarks Harmless and can often be removed

Birthmarks are extremely common, a blemish that forms on the skin shortly after birth or during pregnancy. Often found anywhere on the body they are harmless although for many people they do wish them to be removed for aesthetic reasons. Birthmarks vary in colour, texture and size from a light pigmentation to very dark.

What causes birthmarks?

Out of all the vascular and pigmentation complaints, birthmarks would have to be the most creative in layperson naming. From Angel Kisses, Port-Wine Stains, Salmon Patches and Stork Bites through to the more medically driven, Macular Stains and Remnant Hemangiomas. Regardless of what you call them, birthmarks are as common as births.

Birthmarks are classified in two variants, Vascular & Pigmented. Vascular Birthmarks tend to be red, pink through to purple and deep blue hues. Vascular Birthmarks are caused by abnormal lymph vessels and or blood vessels that are just below the skin’s surface. Vascular birthmarks tend not to fade and can even darken with age.

Pigmented Birthmarks can have an appearance similar to Sun Spots, often clustering and varying in pigments. Pigmented birthmarks Café-au-Lait Spots and Mongolian Spots two more whimsical names for them are in most cases treatable with IPL or Laser.

Who suffers from birthmarks?

As the name suggests most people gain their birthmark at birth. Most newborn children have birthmarks, the more common pigmented birthmarks and in most cases fade soon after. In some cases, the birthmark stays and Salmon Patches are one of the most common. Asian children and East Africa tend to be inflicted with Mongolian Spots. The naming often depicts some of the characteristics for example Café-au-Lait spots and Port-Wine Stains. Less common and tend to be the darker birthmarks, Port-Wine Stains are often treatable.

Birthmark Treatment Options

IPL Based Photo Rejuvenation Therapy

Like with most superficial pigmentation conditions birthmarks can be treated with Medical Grade Intense Pulsed Light. Offering an effective treatment pigmented birthmarks are removed or greatly diminished.

Laser Treatment for Birthmarks

Vascular birthmarks are treated with a Medical Grade laser, the laser allows deeper penetration into the dermis. Deeper veins and vascular birthmarks respond well to laser therapy. We are at a stage in technology whereby nearly all skin pigmentation disorders can be effectively treated with specific laser and light systems.