Age and Sun Spot Treatment Liver Spots (Pigmentation)

Often in varying sizes and more prevalent as we age, Sun Spots, Age Spots, Liver Spots or Pigmentation is harmless. Requiring no medical treatment the brown, grey and sometimes black blemishes are treated with Photo Rejuvenation Therapy.

What causes age spots?

As the name suggests age is a primary factor in the developing of Liver Spots, Sun Spots or the aforementioned Age Spot. Primarily caused by sun exposure the damaging UV rays, a defence mechanism producing a dark brown pigment, The darker pigment (Melanin) that controls our tanned appearance when even we have a tan. (Damaged crying skin). When the pigment is uneven is when we see the development of these spots. It is more common on the face and hands, or in particular people that work outside. As we age we also lose some of the ability to heal ourselves, age can also be a factor in clustering of age or sun spots. The more we look after ourselves in our 20’s and 30’s the less damage we have to correct later on. This should also be a lesson for always wearing 30+ Sunscreen.

Are Sun Spots the Same as Age Spots?

Yes, Age Spots, Sun Spots, Liver Spots or any of the Hyperpigmentation damage caused by UV Rays can be classified as Age Spots. They are more prevalent in people who have long exposure to intense sunlight. People that live in hot climates for example Spain, Portugal, Africa and Even Australia all have a higher risk factor to UV damage.

People that work outside are also in a higher risk bracket for Age Spots. We can treat age spots although it is better if possible to avoid their development best as possible. The more mindful we are of the sun, the lower our risks for more serious conditions such as skin cancer. Sun Spots are a direct result of UV exposure and sun damage. Slip on a shirt, Slop on some Sunscreen and Slap on a hat, very wise words from an Australian advertising campaign for skin cancer awareness.

Sun & Age Spot Treatment Options

IPL Based Photo Rejuvenation Therapy

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) was specifically developed for the treatment of superficial blemishes such as Sun and Age Spots. Laser-based platforms have their place in Aesthetic based treatment such as Blue Veins but IPL is the platform for Liver Spot and Pigmentation Treatment.

Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

Often clients are looking for more than age spot removal they are after a more visible reduction in age. Skin rejuvenation therapy combining the latest technologies in anti-ageing treatments combine to produce a visible reduction in fine lines are wrinkles. Zest have assembled a custom treatment plan utilising laser, light therapies, medical skin needling, cosmeceutical products and dietary supported supplements. Our no two skins are the same methodology and customised treatment plans produces lasting and visible results.