Prices for laser hair removal

Prices for laser hair removal vary greatly depending on the area you are having treated, the larger the surface area, the more the price will be.

For example, bikini line, laser hair removal with Zest is €49 per session although, with many salons, you will pay more depending on what kind of bikini line you want. At Zest, we removed the large upfront costs. With a pay per session price not locking you in and we let the results you obtain speak volumes and have you coming back.

Bikini Line Laser Prices

Bikini line laser price is €49 per session or €294 for 6 sessions

Bikini Line (Basic or Californian)€325€65 €49
Brazilian€475€95 €49
Hollywood€525€105 €49

Typically you will need 6 sessions, so that is €49 by 6 sessions equating to €294. Nearly all places ask you to pre-purchase a course, we do not, we have pay as you go pricing.

Men’s laser hair removal prices

Body:Course of 6PAYG
Upper Back€395€79
Lower Back€395€79
Full Back€795€159
Full Leg€795€159
Half Leg€495€99
Full Front€695€139
Upper Arm€445€89
Fore Arm€475€95
Full Arm€645€129
Between the Eyes€150€30
Neck Front€345€69
Beard and Neck Front€645€129
Back of Neck€295€59

Is laser hair removal permanent? – Laser offers (permanent hair reduction), the reality is once you have had your course of 6 sessions you will need maintenance sessions of one or two per year. Not all the hair grows back and in some people, it hardly grows back at all. The most common outcome is stray hairs and some patches. Unlike body waxing whereby the hair just grows back once you stop waxing; laser achieves a (permanent reduction). Due to the permanent patchy nature of the laser treatment, is one of the reasons many people still decide to wax. You might love that Hollywood Bikini now but will you feel the same when you are 60?

Ladies hair removal prices
For Women
FaceCourse of 6PAYG
Lip and Chin€395€79
Chin and Jawline€395€79
Full Face€485€97
Sides of Face€225€45
Half Arms€275€55
Full Arms€345€69
Bikini Line
Bikini Line (Basic or Californian)€325€65
Naval Pubis Line€160€32
Lower Legs€475€95
Upper Legs€525€105
3/4 Legs€695€139
Full Legs€795€159
Hands or Feet€275€55
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