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Acne, Rosacea, Eczema and Psoriasis is our core following into anti ageing and advanced anti-wrinkle treatment. We service Malahide, Sutton & Blanchardstown areas as we are the only specialised skin and laser clinic north of Dublin.

Laser hair removal prices

Age Spots, sun damage, thread veins and spider veins plus hair removal that works. A specialist skin treatment clinic that is driven by results.

The team at Zest are second to none. Emma completely puts you at your ease when you are in her company and I felt assured that she knows exactly what she is talking about when it comes to treatments. I am personally delighted with the results I have seen and have recommended Zest to family and friends. Lisa – Read more reviews

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Unlike many skin specialists we do not just treat the symptoms of the skin condition, rather we look into the medical history, environmental factors such as diet and lifestyle to aid in the treatment process. We use the Advanced Nutrition range of products formulated dietary supplements that work from the inside in the battle against skin disorders.

We have multiple medical grade IPL and Laser platforms for the treatment of vascular concerns. Spider veins, blue veins and pigmentation such as age spots or liver spots. Your professional skin practitioner, Emma, has over 14 years experience in the treatment of skin complaints. Skin is our thing and we just happen also to perform laser hair reduction due to our machinery capabilities.

How do we have such effective laser hair removal? Unlike many or most laser skin clinics that are specifically targeting hair removal and thus their machines tend to be Candella, we are a specialist skin clinic that also performs hair removal. Confused? Understandable, let me explain. Most laser clinics use machines that an everyday beauty therapist can use without fear of hurting the client.

Zest use the same equipment that you find in leading aesthetic cosmetic clinics. These machines are variable in their settings far more than the average hair removal laser. The reason our hair removal is so effective is due to the medical grade, very high-quality machinery used in the skin clinic. We treat many skin disorders concentrating on Acne and Rosacea with a rounded methodology to treatment. You can read all about our acne and rosacea treatment by following the linked text. Natural dermatology in Swords, the healthy alternative to drugs for the treatment of common skin conditions.