Is it expensive?

What price can you place on your own happiness? Now, what price can you place on it going wrong? It is not expensive, a night on the tiles, a dinner with friends, it is not a great deal of money. We do caution on price cutter operators, we are seeing more and more, coupons and we will inject your face for only this much.

From the quality and supply of product through to cheaper needles it all puts the risk factor onto your skin. We are not the most expensive and we are not the cheapest either, what you do get though is Doctors, a clinical professional environment and options.

We are here for your questions and we are here to offer many options, many of our clients have selected Dermal Needling instead of AWI injections. We also have a full range of Laser & Light therapy and chemical AHA/BHA peels. Talk to Zest today about the many anti-ageing treatments and anti-wrinkle injections.