Hollywood laser hair removal

The Hollywood bikini line is all hair gone the front and back are totally bare, nothing is left behind and when a laser is used for the Hollywood bikini line, it is gone forever.

Although you might need to come in once a year maybe twice depending on your personal hair growth cycles to catch any stray hairs that were missed during the course; in essence, you will be smooth forever. Once you have had effective laser hair removal the hair is never going to grow back.

When a laser is used to remove hair it causes localised damage to the hair follicle, that follicle can never grow hair again. The only reason I mention this is while you are younger you might like the thought of being all bare but just remember you will be just as bare when you are 80.

Hollywood laser hair removal

How painful is it to have a Hollywood bikini line?

Because the pubic area is more sensitive than other parts of the body it is to be expected for it to be a slight sting, like an elastic band flicking off of the skin. If you have had bikini waxing done, a laser session is a walk in the park. We try and discourage taking pain relief before your laser sessions but if you are particularly sensitive, you can take a normal paracetamol or similar pain relief.

Is my Hollywood bikini line permanent?

Permanent hair reduction is gained in 6 sessions. In some rare cases, up to 10 sessions may be required although we rarely come across this. The contradiction to that is hormonal problems and medications. In some people, there are medical conditions that render hair removal less effective. This will be discussed at the time of your consultation and patch test to determine your suitability for the laser procedure. After the course of 6 sessions, most people will require 1 or two maintenance sessions per year thereafter. 

How much will a Hollywood bikini line cost?

the cost of a Hollywood bikini line is €49 or the full six sessions for €294 but we also charge the same price regardless of the bikini line you desire.  No pre-purchase course requirements, our price is a pay as you go price and we also offer a free patch test and consultation, you can book in your free consultation online.

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