Truth in advertising and marketing Laser hair removal coupons

Owner Zest Beauty, Health and ClinicEmma, proprietor of Zest in Swords, one of the very first therapists in Ireland trained in laser hair removal. Emma is now a registered industry educator.

Zest is a business, we give you the services you require, and you pay Zest a fee. We understand as a business we need to reach you the customer so that you can experience the zest difference.

Laser hair removal coupons is part of the main Laser Hair Removal Guide, you might like to begin there.

So many of our clients comment on the effectiveness of treatments that require laser and light.

Laser hair removal machines and IPL machines range in price from around €5000 to €85000. As with the price the effectiveness varies, machines are also variable in output. Apart from the high cost of medical grade equipment, for example, Lumenis, there is also ongoing maintenance.

Scenario 1 – Seven Laser Hair Removal Sessions – An offer similar to below, saving you some two thousand Euro. Now if that was not an enticing hook we do not know what is. We also have to remember that the business also has to give on average 40% to 50% of the final price to the coupon company.

  • Original treatment price €2,450
  • Discounted by 84% €2,051
  • Final price €399
  • Give 50% to the coupon company €199.50
  • Salon has €199.50 in the hand for apparently a €2450.00 treatment
  • Divided by 7 sessions €28.50 Per hair removal treatment

A medical grade machine costs on average €22.00 an hour. Taking into consideration, purchase price, consumables and ongoing maintenance. (based off of a mid-priced machine €42500)

We have not yet paid anyone to operate the machine. A therapist on the industries average wage will cost another €9 an hour.

We still have to pay rent, electricity, rates, insurance, taxes and the lengthening list of the business operating costs. Varying on the size of the business, let us say a typical salon at around €27.60 per hour.

  • Machine operating cost €22 an hour
  • Machine operator €9 an hour
  • Business operating costs €27.60

Total €58.60 per hour for a loss of €30.10 per treatment. How can this scenario maintain any customer experience and how can the business maintain losing money?

How was the effectiveness and customer experience from your last coupon?

“I expected a better result, I kept going back, but I was just not getting what I expected.”

In nearly all laser hair removal coupons, the starting price is often far above any normal market price. With Zest, you do not have to go looking for the small print. What we advertise, is a per session course stated price, not dependent hidden terms & conditions, similar to our big market rivals.

Zest do not run coupons, however, we do have a current special.

Best hair removal in DublinAs a business, Zest has to charge you the customer a fair and reasonable price and provide outstanding service.

That is our market promise to you, a local business, providing outstanding customer experience for a fair and reasonable price.

We hope you agree, you cannot be fairer than that.

Providing the industry’s leading treatment for problematic skin conditions. Zest is also Ireland’s first conceptualised, hybrid health clinic.

  • Dietary supported acne treatment
  • Laser active acne treatment
  • Acne scarring & skin resurfacing, general scar treatment
  • UV / LED Light therapy
  • IPL Acne treatment
  • Medical Micro-needling acne scarring treatment
  • Injectable procedures
  • Personal Training
  • Sports Recovery Programs
  • Occasion Fitness Programs
  • Sports Recovery Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Injury Prevention
  • Endurance Training

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Educator, Proprietor, Skin Therapist at Zest Skin Clinic & Laser Hair Removal
Licenced Aesthetician, CIBTAC, ITEC and CIDESCO accredited professional therapist with over 14 years industry experience, specialising in skincare. Emma is also a master trainer City & Guilds – Accreditation No: 500/5753/4

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