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Laser Skin Treatment Acne and Rosacea Expert

Emma Ryall Clinic Proprietor and Industry Educator

Laser Skin Treatments are suitable for a variety of skin condition, using Cosmeceutical products, ND YAG & Alexandrite Lasers plus Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Machines and aided by Dietary Supplements to combat, fight and cure common skin conditions. When I first started my career in the cosmetology sector, Laser and IPl based platforms were relatively new in the beauty industry. Lasers have been in use since the 60’s, although it was not until 1997 that we started to see the machines within the clinical beauty sector. In that time, beauty salons have been upgraded as it were to treating many problematic skin disorders.

Starting my career in laser technology-driven therapies began with the Body Clinic Dublin, what would be the Sister company of Therapie. In a mere 15 years, the industry has changed greatly. A traditional beauty salon is still the most common feature of any town but the new aesthetics and skin clinic sectors have grown exponentially.

Laser hair removal is no exception; it has grown to become a niche business in its right. Achieving permanent hair reduction is with the use of Pulsed Diode Lasers, Alexandrite Laser and ND: YAG Laser. Medical Grade IPL machines are also achieving semi-permanent hair removal.

Developed for surface imperfections, pigmentation, Rosacea, Acne treatment, age spots and rejuvenation of the skin. On fair skinned people, medical grade machines have also been very effective in semi-permanent hair removal. Intense pulsed light has received some bad publicity for hair removal, mainly from clinics with laser machines. There is (some truth) to this but like most things it is dependent on certain factors. A beauty salon can buy an IPL machine for little as five thousand Euro. On the flip side, our Lumenis Aesthetic IPL Platform is over €30.000 to replace.  It is incredibly effective at hair reduction despite we choose to use ND YAG and Alexandrite Cynosure Medical Grade Laser Machines.

People with a fair complexion or Fitzpatrick skin types 1 & 2, you would be hard pressed to say the Alexandrite laser is a better system for the job. Faster yes, and it is more cost effective for us as a business. Although the cost of a Cynosure is a little head spinning at over €80.000, it does not have the high-cost consumables of the Lumenis IPL System. A gel similar to that used for an Ultrasound and the very expensive tubes that produce the intense pulsed light are constant consumables. The Cynosure Laser Machine although requiring maintenance, lenses and protective consumables is still much cheaper over the long run.

Very few beauty salons run Medical Grade equipment; this is where some bad press started, but surprisingly the greater number of complaints come from clinics with Medical Grade Laser Machines.

How is this possible?
Recent studies have shown that a lack of training and price point pressure is to blame for most complaints and injuries. One of the reasons I wanted to start Zest Academy was to address education and training. Although we have outstanding training systems such as CIDESCO, ITEC and CIBTAC, there is still a great divide in technology-driven treatment.

With the Laser & Light Industry in continual development and the industries like for training a machine brand rather than technology, there are gaps in the education. The beauty industry is greatly unregulated in Ireland; the UK does enjoy a little more regulation although in essence are the same. It is up to the manufacturer of the machines or distributors to provide training. Granted some inroads are being made by ITEC and we will be offering more ITEC based training soon, we need a better solution overall.