Best Laser Machine for Hair Removal

What lasers do Zest use?CYNOSURE Elite

Possibly the Best Laser Machine for Facial and Body Hair Removal

  • Medical Grade Lasers
  • 14+ Years Experience
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Dark Skin Experts

View the current laser price list we are also the home of any bikini line lasered for just 49. You may also like to read the complete guide and FAQ to laser hair removal we also have the reasons of why you need to have a course of laser hair removal and to top it off the real facts behind IPL VS Laser.

755nm Alexandrite

  • The Best for lighter hair
  • Medical grade 755 Alexandrite
  • Perfect for maintenance sessions
  • Easiest on facial hair
  • Cryo Cooling System For Your Comfort

1064nm ND-YAG

  • Developed for dark skin types
  • Medical grade 1064 ND YAG
  • Dependable results
  • Best on facial hair
  • Cryo Cooling System For Your Comfort

Zest are very much about truth in marketing. The greater number of medical grade lasers all perform an outstanding result. CYNOSURE has been a trusted name and a benchmark in Laser technology since the conception of Medical Lasers. When the therapist has an Elite in their hands, the only way not to gain perfect results, is the operator’s fault.

Recent research has highlighted the increasing complaints of ineffectiveness and injuries caused is directly contributable to poor training and cost cutting measures. We take training so seriously we decided to open a training academy. We have a no coupon policy and you might like to read our stance on Coupons and Laser.

CYNOSURE Elite is used by leading cosmetic surgical and Aesthetic clinics and is the choice of leading skin clinic. It would not be wrong to say that the CYNOSURE Elite is possibly the best laser machine for hair removal.