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Why choose Zest for your laser hair removal?
  1. No course purchase requirement, pay as you go sessions
  2. True medical grade CYNOSURE Elite machine
  3. Over 16 years experience
  4. Locally Irish owned and operated
  5. Guaranteed results from the first session
Experience & education means everything
  1. CIBTAC Accredited
  2. CIDESCO Accredited
  3. ITEC Accredited
  4. City and Guilds industry master trainer
  5. A specialist natural dermatology skin clinic

Full Arms

Sides of Face

Full Legs


Information at your fingertips

Laser hair removal with no hidden pricing, having to call or email just to get a price is annoying, no looking for information it is all in one place, always. We work hard to be transparent in a way that matters, we are all customers and we try and ask what would we want and how would I want to be treated.

Preparation for hair removal

How to prepare for laser hair removal a hub page that links all our laser depilation pages into an informative resource for anyone thinking about laser hair removal. If there is a question we have not answered, please contact us.

Hair Removal Facts

One of our longer reads this article covers the three main laser machines,Cynosure, Lumenis LightSheer & Candela GentleLase an unbiased look at laser hair removal for people wanting to be informed in the decision-making process.

Common laser questions

Common questions raised, this article is a basic laser FAQ to help answer some of the questions people often have before their laser treatment. We also cover the facts of laser versus IPL with so many salons selling IPL and calling it a laser.

Brazilian laser hair removal questions

The Bikini line, one of the single most popular hair removal areas. In this article, we cover most of the common questions and how to prepare for your bikini line laser sessions. If you follow some simple preparation it is quick & simple.

Advanced Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal
Lip €150 €30
Chin €260 €52
Lip and Chin €395 €79
Chin and Jawline €395 €79
Full Face €485 €97
Neck €260 €52
Sides of Face €225 €45
Underarms €345 €69
Half Arms €275 €55
Full Arms €345 €69
Bikini Line (Basic or Californian) €325 €49
Brazilian €475 €49
Hollywood €525 €49
Areola €125 €25
Abdomen €295 €59
Naval Pubis Line €160 €32
Lower Legs €475 €95
Upper Legs €525 €105
3/4 Legs €695 €139
Full Legs €795 €159
Hands or Feet €275 €55
For Men
Body: Course of 6 PAYG
Upper Back €395 €79
Lower Back €395 €79
Full Back €795 €159
Shoulders €475 €95
Full Leg €795 €159
Half Leg €495 €99
Chest €495 €99
Stomach €475 €95
Full Front €695 €139
Upper Arm €445 €89
Forearm €475 €95
Full Arm €645 €129
Between the Eyes €150 €30
Beard €395 €79
Neck Front €345 €69
Beard and Neck Front €645 €129
Ears €150 €30
Nose €150 €30
Back of Neck €295 €59
Pay as you go pricing, no need to pay big upfront costs

Results over profit, that is the mantra of Zest. Our reviews speak volumes for the results our clients gain across all treatments. Come in and discover the Zest difference for yourself, come for the treatment and stay for the experience.

Read from over 100 reviews across Google, Facebook, WhatClinic and our websites review page. You will be hard pressed to find a laser clinic more client results focussed. With our clinic specialising in skin health and skin conditions, we operate only the finest CYNOSURE Elite Laser machines and understand what is important for effective laser treatment.

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Facial hair removal, whole body laser & we are the home of any Bikini Line for 49. NO COURSE PURCHASE REQUIREMENTS Pay as you go. Swords only specialist skin clinic, CYNOSURE Elite Alexandrite & Dedicated ND YAG Laser for Dark Skin, Fitzpatrick Types 4, 5 and 6. Registered industry training institution, there is simply no safer or better-trained hands in Ireland performing your hair removal treatment.

Full Back



Full Front

Any bikini line for €49

Laser hair removal Swords No gimmicks, no course purchase needed, just make a booking and the desired bikini line is just €49 per session.
Start at €49 per session and end on €49 per session.

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