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Brazilian laser hair removal questions

The Bikini line, one of the single most popular hair removal areas. In this article, we cover most of the common questions and how to prepare for your bikini line laser sessions. If you follow some simple preparation it is quick & simple.

Common laser questions

Common questions raised, this article is a basic laser FAQ to help answer some of the questions people often have before their laser treatment. We also cover the facts of laser versus IPL with so many salons selling IPL and calling it a laser.

Preparation for hair removal

How to prepare for laser hair removal a hub page that links all our laser depilation pages into an informative resource for anyone thinking about laser hair removal. If there is a question we have not answered, please contact us.

Hair Removal Facts

One of our longer reads this article covers the three main laser machines,Cynosure, Lumenis LightSheer & Candela GentleLase an unbiased look at laser hair removal for people wanting to be informed in the decision-making process.

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Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal that WORKS! Book your patch test and start your laser. All skin types from our Medical Grade CYNOSURE NDYAG and Alexandrite lasers.

Over 14 years experience in laser & light hair removal

With far more options than just the perfect lasered bikini line, Zest hair removal is the result you expected, from the first visit. We have no pre-course purchase requirements, pay as you go.

We can laser any bikini line across all skin types, the use of two laser technologies allows for all Fitzpatrick Skin Types to be treated. We are dark skin experts, our ND YAG laser is specifically designed for dark skin.

Hair removal of the bikini line has a much longer history than many knew. We have discovered through the ages hair removal from the body including the pubic area was not only common it was widespread. Waxing has good and bad sentiments attached to it; as with many treatments that require some skill, experience and good quality products, results in the clients gain, vary considerably.

If we venture for a moment on the styles of bikini line designs, this too gives some indication of the acceptance and proliferous of bikini waxing and other pubic hair removal methods.

Basic WaxThe Basic Bikini

Lemon Fuzz, the basic swimsuit bikini line removing only the hair that protrudes from the bathing suit. Normally the top and sides are shaped to a nice V design.

The American
Recommended for sheerer cut cozzies the extended or American goes a little further in and down to the top of the thighs. The extended bikini line is recommended for most lingerie as the standard bikini line often still has protruding hair with the closer cut underwear.

Californian WaxingThe Californian
Similar to the French Wax, the Californian leaves a vertical strip of hair just above the vulva. Traditionally the Californian still left hair around the labia and perianal. Over the years, it has become the same as the French Wax at most waxing salons. When you are speaking with your waxing professional if in doubt or were after a little more hair left just be sure to have a word and avoid any misunderstanding.

French Wax or the Playboy Landing StripGoing French
More commonly known as the landing strip now, Going French is a typical two or three finger vertical strip starting just above the vulva. Varying in width to the client’s personal tastes it is typically 4cm or (1 1/2in) wide. Also being called the G-String or Partial Brazilian Wax. Removing all hair including around peri-anal and labia areas earning the partial Brazilian name.

Brazilian or the Hollywood WaxThe Brazilian or Hollywood
Dare to go bare with the Brazilian, all gone the Zest Lemon Tart, is removing all hair front and back. Leaving no hair in the pubic area and would you believe it coined the name Brazilian Wax in 1987 with 7 Sisters from Brazil. The sisters Jocely, Jonice, Janea, Joyce, Jussara, Juracy, and Judseia Padilha opened the aptly named J. Sisters salon in Midtown Manhattan. In America, the style of no pubic hair was not popular for many years to come. It would take TV and Sex in the City to remove the taboos and gain acceptance. The full bikini, Hollywood or even Sphinx wax is now as prevalent in Western culture as it is in Asian and Eastern cultures. Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that daring to go all bare down there, is very commonplace indeed.