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Laser or Waxing you are going to be ecstatic with the results and the customer experience

That’s a pretty big call you say, but we are not just saying it, so are our clients. The reason our hair removal results are just so outstanding we put results over profit and that is something a little unique. Read about our business ethos, we are striving to give the best customer service and experience in Dublin.

The clinical beauty market is tough with chains having huge marketing spends, Zest needed to find a way to keep you coming back once you have found us. The best way we can do that is by offering a higher level of customer service, a more involving client experience and of course, the results to back it up.

Educator & Beauty Therapist

Any Bikini Line

Half Arms

Lower Legs

Full Face

Providing a convenient location for your hair removal needs, evening appointments, call in on your way home from work. Please follow the link for laser hair removal Dublin prices and laser hair removal Dublin reviews. Treating all skin types with Medical Grade CYNOSURE Elite ND YAG and Alexandrite machines. Below you will find information and links to extensive information covering everything you might want to know to make your purchase decision. With over 14 years experience in hair removal, you will not find a more highly qualified clinic.

Why choose Zest for your hair removal?

  1. No course purchase requirement, pay as you go sessions
  2. True medical grade CYNOSURE Elite machine
  3. Over 16 years performing hair removal
  4. Locally Irish owned and operated
  5. Guaranteed results from the first session

Experience & education means everything

  1. CIBTAC Accredited
  2. CIDESCO Accredited
  3. ITEC Accredited
  4. City and Guilds industry master trainer
  5. A specialist natural dermatology skin clinic

Full Arms

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Reviews are our lifeblood we want them to reflect our client satisfaction, and we work hard to live up to our promise.

Bikini Line Hair Removal just 49 Euro

Home of the Full Bikini line laser for just €49

As unique as you, the choice is yours and one low price. Brazilian, Hollywood, Californian, American, Landing Strip or Standard Bikini Line it is all just 49.

Pay Per Session means no big cash outlays. We don’t lock you in, as we know you will be back, as our laser hair removal works as it should do, results from the first session.

Full Back



Full Front

The smooth you only minutes away. Laser hair removal or waxing at our convenient location 52A Main Street in Swords. Phone 01 890 2441. Offering the most effective laser hair removal possible with our CYNOSURE Elite ND YAG & Alexandrite machine so we can treat all skin types from the very lightest through to the darkest skin tones.

CYNOSURE Elite Laser the Gold Standard in Hair Removal

We strive to answer your questions without having to phone, we try to be transparent in a way that always puts our clients first. I modeled Zest on how I want to be treated as a client, it so often seems the customer service and experience is so often missing from today’s businesses. Emma Ryall proprietor of Zest

Hair Removal Facts

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects, Treatment, Effectiveness. A comprehensive article covering the three main brands. CYNOSURE, Lumenis LightSheer and Candela Gentle Lase. Providing information on what to expect out of your hair removal sessions, perfect if you are still making up your mind if laser is for you.

Common laser questions

People often have many questions regarding laser treatments so we have put together several pages covering just about anything you may wish to know. The list of laser frequently asked questions covers a good proportion of common laser questions. All our informational pages are from a neutral unbiased base.

Preparation for hair removal

The laser treatment guide is for people about to start a course of laser hair removal and covers the best practises for preparing for treatment, during treatment and after treatment. It also touches on some of the problems the industry faces with low-cost machines and in unskilled hands, not all machines were created equal.

Brazilian laser hair removal questions

The amount of Brazilian hair removal questions is astounding, so we thought we would try and answer as many questions as possible on the bikini area and laser hair removal. Follow the linked text and land on a smooth you, a page constantly expanding to cover every question that curly little hair raises.

Pay per session laser defines that we stand behind our results

Men’s backs, shoulders, beard through to arms legs, facial hair removal specialists and all bikini line requirements. The laser machine is able to remove hair from all skin types from the very palest through to the darkest with exceptional results. With payment plan options and entire body hair removal and we even offer subscription plans. Some ladies remove hair from their entire body which can take well over a year, to achieve total body permanent hair removal. We brought in subscription plans so a budget-friendly weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment can be facilitated. If you are looking for a subscription plan for hair removal, acne treatment or any of the advanced anti-ageing treatments we offer, please discuss with Emma at your time of consultation.

Many people have their hair removal performed by an IPL machine, not a laser machine with many establishments calling it an ‘IPL Laser’. An IPL machine is not a true laser and is only able to treat the lightest of skin tones. We decided to write an information page on laser versus IPL. Unlike many establishments we do not put the medical grade IPL down, a good quality machine is very good at achieving permanent hair reduction. Regardless, if you are searching for a laser you should expect to be treated with one, not an IPL.

Laser hair removal near me – Convenient, professional, guaranteed results, industry education institution you simply will not find a more effective hair removal clinic near YOU. Handy for people working in Malahide Dublin 1 Dublin 2 Dublin 3 Dublin 4 Dublin 13 Dublin 17 Swords Malahide Howth Portmarnock Sutton Ballymun Blanchardstown and Drumcondra.

All skin types CYNOSURE Elite ND YAG and Alexandrite Laser


Lip €150 €30
Chin €260 €52
Lip and Chin €395 €79
Chin and Jawline €395 €79
Full Face €485 €97
Neck €260 €52
Sides of Face €225 €45


Underarms €345 €69
Half Arms €275 €55
Full Arms €345 €69

Bikini Line

Bikini Line (Basic or Californian) €325 €65
Brazilian €475 €95
Hollywood €525 €105
Areola €125 €25
Abdomen €295 €59
Naval Pubis Line €160 €32


Lower Legs €475 €95
Upper Legs €525 €105
3/4 Legs €695 €139
Full Legs €795 €159
Hands or Feet €275 €55

For Men

Body: Course of 6 PAYG
Upper Back €395 €79
Lower Back €395 €79
Full Back €795 €159
Shoulders €475 €95
Full Leg €795 €159
Half Leg €495 €99
Chest €495 €99
Stomach €475 €95
Full Front €695 €139
Upper Arm €445 €89
Fore Arm €475 €95
Full Arm €645 €129


Between the Eyes €150 €30
Beard €395 €79
Neck Front €345 €69
Beard and Neck Front €645 €129
Ears €150 €30
Nose €150 €30
Back of Neck €295 €59
Eyebrow wax & Shape €12
Snail Trail Wax (tummy line) €12
Lip Wax €12
Chin Wax €12
Lip & Chin Wax €22
Lip, Chin & Eyebrow Wax & shape €30
Jawline €15
Chin & Jawline Wax €25
Lip, Chin & Jawline €36
Sides of Face €15
Lip, Chin, Jawline & sides of Face Wax €50
Full face wax Lip, Chin, Jawline, Sides of Face & Eyebrow Wax & Shape €60
Half Arm Wax €20
Full Arm Wax €25
Half Leg Wax €25
Upper ½ Leg Wax €30
¾ Leg Wax €35
Full Leg Wax €45
Underarm Wax €15
Lemon Fuzz (Basic Bikini Wax) €25
Lemon Pie (Californian Wax) €35
Lemon Crumble (Brazilian Wax) €49
Lemon Tart (Hollywood wax) €59

Zest the choice for your waxing salon in Swords. Using the latest in wax formulations to enable the smooth you with the least amount of ouch possible.