Zest Gift Certificates The Perfect Christmas Gift Idea

How do Zest Gift Certificates Work?

Our Gift Certificates are designed to be printed or emailed to the recipient.

  1. Select the amount of the gift certificate
How to use Zest Gift Certificates

2. Enter the receiver’s name
3. Enter a message to the reviever

Step Two of Gift Certificate

Now click add to basket

Gift certificate added to cart

You can now see the information box at the top confirming it has been added to your shopping cart or basket. Now either continue shopping or view your basket the button in the upper right. You will then see the contents of your basket, as seen in the image below. You can view the information you have entered and proceed with the checkout process.

View your basket

Option 1
Pay on Delivery
If you select Pay on Delivery, simply phone Zest, and we will arrange payment either over the phone or you can drop into Zest.

Option 2.
Select Paypal
PayPal offers a secure method of paying for goods and services on the Zest website. You do not need a PayPal account to use the service and can simply use your credit card. You can, however, choose to create a PayPal account for management and tracking of your online purchases.

You will see a PDF file to download, this is the Gift Certificate it is 210mm X 148.5 mm or half A4. It is a high-resolution image, so this means the better the printer, the better the quality of the gift certificate.

You can either simply email this PDF file to the receiver or print it out and include in your Christmas card to them or simply hand in person.

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