Brazilian laser hair removal

Brazilian laser hair removal is the second most popular bikini line, more about that later on. The classic Brazilian removes all the hair front and behind leaving just a strip of hair normally about a finger width.

How long will your Brazilian bikini line take?

A full Brazilian takes 15 minutes to 20 minutes to complete the entire bikini area. The Brazilian removes all the hair apart from a small vertical section about two fingers wide also called the landing strip.

Brazilian laser hair removal

How painful is it to laser a Brazilian bikini line?

To put it into perspective if you have waxed this will be a welcome change, it is not even close to the pain of waxing. Yes, it does sting a little, but as laser and cooling technology has progressed the pain level has substantially lessened.

What do I need to do for preparing for a Brazilin bikini line?
  • Three to four days before your laser session we recommend you exfoliate with a gentle exfoliant.
  • You need to shave before each laser session, every time use a brand new razor and do not rush.If your pubic hair is long trim it first to avoid any unnecessary pulling at the follicle root
  • If your pubic hair is long trim it first to avoid any unnecessary pulling at the follicle root that will increase the irritation and may cause more irritation after the laser session.
  • Be very particular if you are having a Hollywood or Brazilian, stretch the skin exposing the labia and also between your bum cheeks getting as close a shave as possible.
  • Make sure you use a shaving cream or a shaving oil, do not dry shave the area and avoid using harsh soaps.
  • After you have finished shaving pat the area dry, and do not apply any moisturisers or body lotions. You can apply a thin layer of (pure aloe vera gel) after you have shaved but not before coming in for your laser session.
  • Do not use any fake tans, sunbeds and avoid the sun and suntanning. Make sure any traces of tanning products are removed this is vitally important to the safety of your skin and the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Wear loose clothing and 100% cotton underwear the day of your sessions
  • Don’t be embarrassed, we perform hundreds of bikini line sessions a year, relax it takes only minutes and you will be back out the door in no time at all.
How many session will I need for a Brazilian bikini line?

The typical duration is 6 sessions, after a year or two, you may need to come in for a maintenance session. Each session treats the hair in the growth phase and the hair follicles treated will not grow hair again. Depending on how your hair grows will depend on how many stray hairs turn up as time goes on. Remember once you have had effective laser hair removal that is pretty much it, the hair will not grow back and it is only a few hairs, that might be have been missed for the maintenance sessions.

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