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Been to the Doctor and the Dermatologist and still suffering from Acne or Rosacea? Come and make an appointment to see Emma, a leading professional in the treatment of common skin complaints. Utilising the bodies natural immune system, backed up with cosmeceutical products and technology with Medical Grade Laser & IPL based therapy.

Acne Laser Treatment Clinic

Zest is a specialist treatment clinic for Acne, Rosacea, Eczema and Psoriasis. Utilising all science and technology has to offer with medical grade laser and IPL platforms, science-driven dietary supplements and cosmeceutical products. Producing a treatment process that is gaining results where Doctors and Dermatologists have failed.

Emma is fantastic and I trust her professionalism 100%. She has looked after me so well and I’m delighted with procedure results and the after care. I felt I could ask any questions I had and I really felt that Emma cared. I would highly recommend Zest Skin Clinic and Emma and will be returning for further treatments. Séan Ó Dúláinne Google Places Read more reviews

I was battling with a skin problem for years on my face. After 3 sessions with zest the improvement is brilliant and Emma has given me a good insight into the maintenance that is required to keep my Rosacea at bay. Willie Brophy – Facebook – Read more reviews

Acne in adulthood is a common condition, and you do not have to have been a sufferer in childhood to be inflicted with acne as you age. Changes in hormonal balance, work related stress and medications are just a few of the reasons many adults suffer from acne.

If you suffered from teenage or early childhood acne turning to the same treatment process can worsen the condition. There is no right or wrong age to be suffering, adults in their thirties, forties and even fifties can and often do suffer from the annoying blemishes or active, serious acne even. Women are often the sufferers of adult acne while going through menopause; Dermatologists call this ‘adult-onset-acne.’

I have never had acne before so why am I suffering from it now?

There are common triggers for adult onset acne one of the major ones is stress. As we progress with research environmental factors and lifestyle changes are showing to be a large factor. Changing jobs, losing employment or just moving house can all trigger the condition. In response to stress, our bodies produce more androgens (a variety of hormone). These hormones stimulate the oil glands and hair follicles in the dermis, which can lead to acne. Explaining why acne can be a continuous problem when we find ourselves under repeated stress.

Pregnancy is a major trigger; it is understandable as the body goes through large biological changes and hormone levels change greatly. Although some Dermatologists and Doctors prescribe birth control to help, often it is the starting or ending of birth control that can also lead to acne breakout.

Natural Dermatology is becoming the preferred means to control acne working with the bodies natural immune system and taking a more natural approach to the control and treatment.

Menstruating is another common trigger, and many women suffer from breakout during their menstrual cycle.

Men and Women can both suffer from the use of skin care products, many skincare products available in chemists and general shops are not always formulated that well. Heavy oils, fillers, and additives can block pores, increase oil production and cause the breakout. We are not saying you must only use expensive cosmeceutical products. Good quality skin care products can be very reasonably priced for example the Image Skincare Range, a well-formulated range and there are products specifically formulated for the control and treatment of acne breakout and acne prevention.

Unlike Teenage Acne, which can be very problematic to treat compared to their adult counterparts. Adult acne in nearly all cases can be controlled if not eliminated.

What are the treatment options?

As mentioned earlier, Natural Dermatology is becoming the preferred methodology of treatment. Unlike typical Doctor prescribed chemicals that often have limited success, Natural Dermatology works to balance out the bodies hormonal balance. Advanced Nutrition Programme range of products and specifically Skin Accumax is just one of the newer treatment processes. We use Skin Accumax in our treatment programs before laser or IPL based therapy.

During your consultation, we look at all the environmental factors that are influencing your life. This investigative process determines what the triggers are, and we work to eliminate or, at least, counteract the effects.

A holistic approach utilising all science and technology has to offer makes up our treatment process. Using Medical Grade IPL (Intense Pulsed Light sometimes referred to as IPL Laser, although it is not a laser. Cosmeceutical products used from the Image Skincare product range and as mentioned, Advanced Nutrition Programme with their Skin Accumax.

If you thought you were simply going to have to live with acne, then we suggest you make a phone call and chat with Emma, a leading professional in the treatment of common skin conditions such as Acne, Rosacea, Eczema and Psoriasis.