HD Brows Should raise your eyebrow
may as well call it a scam

HD Brows just a money spinner

In writing this article, I will gain enemies within the industry. It is sure to raise a few brows (pun intended). Neither my intention nor my concern, to be honest. To me, client care is of the utmost importance.

Marketing is an essential component of a business. Marketing plays a significant role in how you, the consumer consumes. As a company, marketing is a tactic to engage and persuade customers. As a consumer marketing can often press impulsive purchases that perhaps on reflection were not necessary. I am the therapist behind Zest, but I too am a consumer. So before I proceed let me state my position as I sit here on my fence, arguing both sides to a modern day necessity in business.

For those who know me, know I don’t make rash decisions, I research and investigate probably too much for my sake. Preying on the vulnerable and bully tactics is something not to my favour. In both my personal life and my business, I strive for quality, value and to speak in everyday tongue, ‘to avoid being ripped off’.

Over the past two decades, I have noticed an abundance of changes within the health and beauty industry. A variety of courses is daily on offer as post graduate courses to therapists like myself.

Over the years, it is amazing to recognise the vast amount of courses and new skills one has achieved. Beauty therapy is a fast evolving industry. It is imperative to keep up with the pace to avoid becoming a prehistoric therapist, stuck in a dimension of what WAS in a decade or two ago.

HD brows are one course in particular which has encouraged me to write this article. As a therapist, I must admit I was intrigued with the steps involved in HD brows. However as a consumer, my level head took over and forced me to question the two P’s; price and process.

The price for HD brows on average will set you back about forty-five euro. Some charge more, some charge less. For that your brows journey through seven stages. Sounds great, doesn’t it? It is! I do not for one second disagree with the importance of a good eyebrow shape and tint to frame the face.

I for one am quite particular about my brows and loath when they are not defined and maintained. What I do question is the price reflecting said treatment. Without the amazing marketing to support this creation, are the steps typically taken by a therapist inadequate?

A consultation is a given to assess the client’s needs, catering for the individual, to avoid the one size fits all model. It is important to discuss the client’s face shape, dedication to maintenance, expectations and personal requests. It’s also important to note a patch tests should be carried out at least 24 hours prior to treatment.

A brow tint makes a world of a difference taking your brows from drab to fab in minutes. Having tinted the brows, it is essential to create definition by waxing, tweezing and shaping the eyebrows. Some opt for threading over waxing. Both therapists and clients will have their preference for this one.

Admittedly HD brows are complete, with a sweep of eyebrow powder, eliminating any gaps and providing further definition. Granted this is not standard with an eyebrow wax, shape and tint. Personally I like to add a little powder to my brows however when it comes to my clients; I choose not to.

The reason being is it is a temporary tone, altering the pigment of the tint. I would rather my clients see the shade that will remain for some time as opposed to being disappointed when cleaning their skin later that night, to realise their brows are in fact lighter than they had imagined. As a retail product, I cannot fault it.

Particularly as you approach your next brow appointment, a little bit of brow powder can be your saviour. Avoid looking like a ‘boiled egg’ as one of my regular ladies refers to herself as.

Personally I think the HD retail products are the best thing about the whole brand.

When all of the above has been carried out and money exchanged for the services provided currently I request payment of only twenty euro, which is often half of what some pay for HD brows.

Tell me, do you feel an added service is provided, or do you feel you have fallen into the hands of an HD marketer?

When I put my business brain into action, some part of me does commend them as a brand for the successful brand they have become, reinventing the wheel.

Whereas on the other hand as a consumer a.k.a human being, I can’t help but feel, that I have been taken for a ride.

On reflection, what have I paid for?

Have I paid for what is a given with any thorough, professional and caring therapist or am I paying the wages of a marketing guru who rolls over and sleeps very well at night?

I’d rather be frank with my clients, provide quality services and never become a rip off brand. I strive to treat everyone as I would like to be treated, with quality products and equipment. Of course overheads must be taken into account when setting prices, however, ethics and morals must also take part.

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