Discover the Confident YOU Through Clear Skin

We provide confidence in life through skin health delivering the best version of you by utilising the latest principals in skin health backed by science and technology.

Our promise is to give a level of customer service and experience that is unmatched.

When only a bespoke treatment clinic will do, think Zest

What separates Zest from all the rest?

At the core of Zest is Emma Ryall, nearing two decades of experience while not letting up in the pursuit of understanding skin and general health. Emma is not only passionate about the clinical aesthetics sector she is a driving voice in highlighting the need for increased regulations and more practical education in the field. We do not cut corners in favour of larger profit margins or more frequent visits. If something sounds too good to be true, it often is.

This methodology of not cutting corners, providing a highly trained crew and environment suiting a professional clinical experience, it is why our clients do love their Zest time. Emma performs all skin consultations and carries out the more advanced treatments such as vascular treatment or collagen induction therapy.

Our clinical environment carries through to our training, aftercare, and client experience. Visiting Zest is taking ownership of your body’s overall well-being. Our inside-out approach formulated from the latest research in skin health.

Emma Ryall proprietor of Zest

Laser Course Trainer ITEC

Training so often provides the key component in a successful enterprise, although I love my industry, it required the Zest approach. In need of fresh ideas for health and beauty, I set about to provide the clinical ethos and environment today’s treatments require and the training necessary to carry them out professionally. Recognising the need for a more practical training and educational model, led me to launch the Aesthetic Training Academy Ireland (ATAI) Limited. ATAI is a specialised training academy for post-graduate learners in Laser/Light and advanced treatments.

An acne sufferer all my life has also led me on a quest to understand more about skin conditions. Environmental and physiological factors influence our health and overall well-being, this, in turn, has effects on our largest organ, the skin. I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2015, and that has shed further light on how gut irregularities manifest in skin conditions. While we have a great deal to be thankful for with the medical sector their approach is too often centred around drug first methodologies. With treating common conditions such as Acne for almost two decades, the last option should be drugs. Understanding how lifestyle, environmental factors and diet directly influence the conditions we suffer has to be the first stage in treating any skin conditions.

If we want to look younger for longer, then skin health has to be our priority. We have so many options for reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as, strengthening collagen fibres and collagen production. While we can diminish the signs of ageing, treatments that minimise the effects of ageing are advancing every year. Botox and fillers, it is, of course, your choice, however; personally, looking younger for longer without the need for injectables, creating better skin health, is just the more natural approach.

Be the clinic you think it should be

Zest is not a beauty salon, and we are not your typical skin clinic either. The best way to describe Zest is an investment in your overall health, wellbeing, and ultimately the goal of Zest is discovering the best version of you.

Modelling zest on how I want you to feel, it is clinical, while natural tones leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated, can I be as so bold to say, a Zest for life.

Warmest regards

Zest is a family built and operated business supporting a local, growing economy.