Discover the Confident YOU Through Clear Skin

We provide confidence in life through skin health delivering the best version of you by utilising the latest principals in natural Dermatology backed by science and technology.

Our promise is to give a level of customer service and experience that is unmatched.

When only a bespoke treatment clinic will do, think Zest

No two skin are alike, and neither is the treatment at Zest. With our clinic run by appointments minimises any waiting times, we understand your time is valuable and have other things to be doing with your day. We specialise in skin conditions, age-fighting therapies and general skin health to discover the best version of you. A modern cutting edge natural dermatology & laser skin clinic.

Our laser and light treatments are pay as you go with no large up-front payment requirements, and we are also the home of, any bikini line for €49. Our equipment is medical grade Cynosure and Lumenis the same as used in leading aesthetic clinics.

Our treatment methodology is derived from the latest scientific backed research into natural dermatology; our acne treatment is second to none, and our reviews are a testament to the results-driven ethos.

Natural dermatology & laser treatment

  • A Range of age fighting therapies
  • Dietary supported acne treatment
  • Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal
  • Acne scarring & skin resurfacing
  • Pulsed Light Acne treatment
  • Medical Micro-needling acne scarring treatment
  • Fungal Nail Laser Treatment

Reviews are our lifeblood for growth

Read from over 100 reviews across Google, Facebook, WhatClinic and our websites review page. You will be hard pressed to find a laser clinic more client results focussed. With our clinic specialising in skin health and skin conditions, we operate only the finest machines and understand what is important for effective laser treatment.

Why choose Zest for your laser hair removal?

  1. No course purchase requirement, pay as you go sessions
  2. True medical grade CYNOSURE Elite machine
  3. Over 16 years performing hair removal
  4. Locally Irish owned and operated
  5. Guaranteed results from the first session

Experience & education means everything

  1. CIBTAC Accredited
  2. CIDESCO Accredited
  3. ITEC Accredited
  4. City and Guilds industry master trainer
  5. A specialist natural dermatology skin clinic

What separates zest from all the rest?

In a nutshell, we do not cut corners in favor of larger profit margins. If something sounds too good to be true, it often is. Zest do not run coupons, our clients constantly comment on the effectiveness of our laser hair removal. Machines are variable, come in and discover how laser hair removal should be.

This methodology of not cutting corners, providing a highly trained crew and environment suiting a zesty, clinical, healthy life, it is why our clients do love their Zest time.

Our clinical environment carries through to our training, aftercare, and client experience. Visiting Zest is taking ownership of your body’s overall well-being. Our inside-out approach formulated from the latest in scientific and natural dermatology research.

Emma Ryall, proprietor of zest

Training so often provides the key component in a successful enterprise, although I love my industry, it required the zest approach. I opened Zest Academy in 2016 providing advanced treatment education and classes for the general public.

In need of fresh ideas to health and beauty, I set about to provide the clinical ethos and environment today’s treatments require and the training needed to carry them out professionally.

An acne sufferer all my life has also led me on a quest to understand more about skin conditions. Environmental and physiological factors influence our health and overall well-being, this, in turn, has effects on our largest organ, the skin.

The Advanced Nutrition Program group of products and specifically Skin Accumax feature throughout our treatment process, Skin Accumax is gaining worldwide attention and we also experience very encouraging results using this product within our treatment plan.

Be the clinic you think it should be

I felt the industry needed a little Zest.

Zest is not a beauty salon, and we are not your typical skin clinic either. The best way to describe zest is an investment in your overall health, well-being, and ultimately the goal of Zest is discovering the best version of you.

I am incredibly passionate about skincare and health, combining the two not only made sense, but it also makes health and treatment sense too.

Modeling zest on how I want you to feel, it is clinical, while natural tones leave you feeling relaxed, invigorated, can I be as so bold to say, a Zest for life.
Warmest regards

Zest is a family built and operated business supporting a local, growing economy.