Body Therapy, Massage, Treatments and Intense Relaxation

The Half Squeeze – 30 min back, neck, head & shoulder Swedish massage€45
Lemon Squeeze – 45 min full body Swedish massage€65
The Full Squeeze – 60 min full body Swedish massage€80
Lemon Buff Back Cleanse – You have heard of a facial, but have you heard of a “bacial”? The lemon buff back cleanse is simply a facial on the back. This deep cleansing treatment is especially good for people suffering from blackheads or acne breakouts on the back, neck and shoulders. It is also great for those suffering with dry and itchy skin. With a double cleanse, stem if needed, exfoliation and suitable hydrating or cleansing mask your back will be noticeably clean and clear and under control. This is the ideal treatment for regular gym junkies and sports minded people, problematic teenage skin, dry itchy skin and of course beautiful brides to be. 30 minutes€50
Luscious Lemon Buff Back Cleanse – This unique treatment consists of a thirty minute Lemon Buff Back Cleanse and a thirty-minute Half Squeeze back, neck, head & shoulder Swedish massage. Not only will your back be clean and clear but also, you will be left feeling calm and relaxed. 60 minutes€90