Results driven IPL for skin rejuvenation, thread veins, age spots & acne

When it comes to advanced skin treatments you want the piece of mind that the equipment is new, serviced and gives the results you are looking for.  Zest have a range of treatments covering IPL skin rejuvenation, sun spot and pigmentation treatment, acne treatment & thread veins.

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Utilising medical grade technology

What is IPL?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments are non-invasive and suitable for both face and body. It works by releasing short pulses of light that are absorbed by the skin. Depending on the aims of the treatment, IPL destroys a problem cell/vessel/hair or stimulates a desired cell to produce healing collagen..


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses wavelengths of heated light, which are directly aimed at the pigmented spots, this charged energy light is selectively emitted and absorbed by the pigmented areas. The advantages of this technology include the fact that the pigment can be targeted precisely without damaging the surrounding tissue.

IPL for Acne
IPL Acne Therapy is an effective light-based treatment that is revolutionising the treatment of acne. The IPL Acne Therapy destroys the most common bacteria that cause acne, without pain and without downtime. The IPL system is FDA approved for the treatment of acne.

IPL for Red Veins
Intense Pulsed Light is the treatment of choice for surface red veins. IPL releases precisely controlled strong pulses of filtered light that are absorbed by the blood vessel, heating it to a point where it is destroyed. Following treatments the red veins will clear and are re-absorbed by the body, leaving little or no trace of the original red vein.

IPL for Pigmentation
Sunlight, environmental factors and the natural passage of time all contribute to the development of dark spots, skin pigmentation and freckles. Your face, hands and chest are the first parts of the body to show signs of ageing because they receive so much sun exposure.

IPL for Skin Rejuvenation
Using IPL for skin rejuvenation is a process that is known as photo-rejuvenation. By using flashes of light that targets deepest dermal tissues without disruption to the outer epidermal layers of the skin this stimulates the production of collagen leaving skin smoother, tight and rejuvenated.