Body Waxing & Dare to Go Bare

Zest waxing salon, how good is our waxing at Zest?
So good we run a school so others can learn, just how to give that perfect, gentle technique waxing, that leaves you smooth and daring to go bare, in a matter of minutes.

Eyebrow wax & Shape€12
Snail Trail Wax (tummy line)€12
Lip Wax€12
Chin Wax€12
Lip & Chin Wax€22
Lip, Chin & Eyebrow Wax & shape€30
Chin & Jawline Wax€25
Lip, Chin & Jawline€36
Sides of Face€15
Lip, Chin, Jawline & sides of Face Wax€50
Full face wax Lip, Chin, Jawline, Sides of Face & Eyebrow Wax & Shape€60
Half Arm Wax€20
Full Arm Wax€25
Half Leg Wax€25
Upper ½ Leg Wax€30
¾ Leg Wax€35
Full Leg Wax€45
Underarm Wax€15
Lemon Fuzz (Basic Bikini Wax)€25
Lemon Pie (Californian Wax)€35
Lemon Crumble (Brazilian Wax)€49
Lemon Tart (Hollywood wax)€59

Body Waxing, laser hair removal might be popular, but waxing is still the main type of hair removal. Zest offer a gentle waxing technique, and you certainly can feel the difference experience makes. You will find our bikini waxing gentle and very effective. It is a common misconception that removing hair around the genitals is a western phenomenon. In western society is was not until fashion of swimsuits, ‘the Bikini’ that the removal of showing pubic hair became commonplace. Where this was once only thought to be something women did, many men now opt for waxing of the pubic area, ‘manscaping,’ often driven by their partner, has become a common procedure in the waxing salon.

Leg waxing is popular with men and women, athletes and in particular swimmers and cyclists often remove their hair with waxing. Although with women opting more each year for the more permanent and cost-effective option of hair epilation with a medical grade laser machine for men waxing is still the preferred method. Despite waxing over time gaining a lessening or thinning of the hair growth once stopped the hair just grows back. Once a laser has been used for depilation the hair grows back patchy or in some cases not at all. For this reason, many men decide to wax it instead.

Facial waxing, the ‘ronni’ a colloquial term for ladies that have a shadow of a mustache is a common waxing procedure. For many ladies, facial hair, in particular, is of concern to many women from the East having naturally thicker facial and body hair. Asians commonly have a thicker body and facial hair and have spearheaded many techniques in hair removal.

Eyebrow threading is just one of these techniques. As the name suggests a string or thread is used to remove the hair. Very popular with Indian women, threading has become a common hair removal method in many western salons. Some ladies are not comfortable with the fact that the person performing the hair removal holds the thread in their mouth.

Is threading better than waxing for eyebrow definition?
The short answer is no, the long answer, just like the person performing threading, it depends on a few factors, namely experience.

Eyebrow definition and shape I wrote about earlier. HD Brows may as well call it a scam goes in depth about eyebrow definition. Any treatments that require some finesse, technique, and nothing replaces experience are open to shall we say marketing slander.

Marketing slander also affects laser hair removal a commonly marketed misconception is that laser is better at semi-permanent hair removal than IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). Even some of our biggest therapy brands in Ireland use this as a marketing tool.

The truth of the matter is a medical grade IPL and a medical grade Alexandrite laser or pulse diode laser will achieve exactly the same result. The ambiguity is you can buy an IPL machine for 5,000 Euro, or you can buy a Medical Grade IPL for 50,000 Euro. As you can imagine there is a great deal of difference between a machine with no FDA approval and cheaply produced and that of a Medical Grade in your local plastic surgery or medical aesthetic clinic.

The whole issue came about because the average beauty salon cannot afford or does not invest in medical-grade equipment. Peer-Reviewed Research as outlined on the laser hair removal guide backs up these facts. At Zest we use Alexandrite and ND: YAG Lasers for hair removal, this is another reason I wanted to highlight this misconception. This way we cannot be seen as bias as we have both medical grade lasers and IPL at our waxing salon.

Visiting Zest for your waxing needs will find a salon remembering customer experience. Our time for you, after all it is your visit, a core of my business model. Zest should leave you feeling refreshed that you just discovered a salon that is actually about you.