Bikini Line Hair Removal Any Bikini Line
Lasered for just

Zest is the home of any bikini line for just 49. From the standard bikini line laser through to the dare to go bare Hollywood for just one low price. No course purchase is required to get the bikini line perfectly smooth. We use the highest quality medical grade laser the CYNOSURE Elite ND YAG and Alexandrite Laser Platform.

We are able to remove hair from all skin types. the dual platform is designed specifically for light through to the darkest skin tones. We selected the same laser platform that is in use by leading Aesthetic Medical Clinics.

We guarantee our results, you will not need any more than 6 sessions when you choose Zest for your bikini line laser. All top medical grade machines are designed to achieve complete permanent hair reduction within 6 sessions. After the 6 sessions you will only need one to maybe two sessions per year to keep the perfectly smooth you.