Spray Tanlearning to be the best

Standard & Rapid Tan Options

Looking for the best spray tan in Ireland? You have found it; Zest can give you the perfect bronze you have always been looking for in quick turnaround rapid tan shower off it 2 hours or standard development 6 to 8-hour tan options. With spray tan up to 13% no matter the shade you wish to be, we can give you the perfect golden sun-kissed glow.

The Learning Perfect Tan for 15

With supporting students and workplace placement allows us to provide some outstanding value. Students are qualified in the treatments performed, insured and are just a little green. Yes to finish other modules of their education for example laser and light, the students are in their final year.

Sounds great but I have an important engagement

Wedding tan? Hot date, maybe a special event and you want to take no chances. Our full price tanning is 30. Offering Rapid Tan and Standard Development time tanning, we cater for the testing tan, finding that perfect hue for the special occasion too. Emma, the proprietor of Zest has over 14 years experience and performed a great deal of tanning in Australia & Ireland, some have even said Emma provides the best tan you have ever had.

Through Zest Academy Emma also provides a spray tanning course passing on her skills to the industry and general public. Offering an opportunity for many people to become independent tanning professional.