The best spray tan in Swords?

We would like to say it could be one of the best tans on the planet!

Perfect spray tan, I’ve tried so many different kinds and this one is definitely the best, it stays perfect for the week, its the most natural and it doesn’t have that horrible fake tan smell that most spray tans have. Emma is always so friendly and accommodating too. Ornagh Kestell – Facebook – Read more reviews

Standard and rapid tan options

Looking for the best spray tan in Ireland? You have found it; Zest can give you the perfect bronze you have always been looking for in quick turnaround rapid tan shower off it 2 hours or standard development 6 to 8-hour tan options. With spray tan up to 13% no matter the shade you wish to be, we can give you the perfect golden sun-kissed glow.

bronzing buddies save a fiver when tanning together

  • Dedicated tanning room
  • Rapid tan
  • Standard tan
  • The perfect bronze every time

Tanning with Zest is the home of professional tanning, anyone can hold a tanning gun but it takes a certain skill and the right solution to perform the bronze goddess tan. Tanning that has been renowned from Ireland to Australia and many places in between. We take tanning so seriously at Zest that we even hold professional tanning short courses in the Zest Academy.

If you have an event coming up and need to test, we can cater for you, bring a friend and save.

52A Main Street Swords Co Dublin
Phone: 01 890 2441 Text: 087 715 2933

Visited salon zest last week for rapid tan, manicure & pedicure. Emma did a fab job and I was getting compliments all weekend. Great special offers available, I will definitely be returning for some more treatments. Aisling Cantlon – Facebook – Read more reviews

Full Body Spray Tan Standard and rapid tan options€35
Half Body Spray Tan Both rapid and 6 to 8-hour solutions available.€25
Full Body Spray Tan Top Up within 48 hours€30
Both rapid and 6 to 8-hour solutions available.
Half Body Spray Tan Top Up within 48 hours Both rapid and 6 to 8-hour solutions available.€20

Want to find out how to prepare and maintain the perfect spray tan? >> The Perfect Tanning Guide The Knowledge is where we write about many of the treatments we offer. We think of Zest as more than just a beauty clinic, it is a destination for knowledge from professionals. There is so much incorrect information in the beauty industry we feel it is high time some of this is corrected. You will find throughout the Zest website a great deal of content. Education and treatment knowledge is at the core of all that we do, with setting up Zest Academy it only makes sense to bring this information into the public viewing lens.

Fake it, don’t bake it, has to be the best advice you can ever have. It is quite amazing in many ways just how little exposure you need to harmful UV rays, to bring on the visible signs of ageing, before your time.

Spray tanning is very close to Emma’s heart; there is a good reason over the years no matter where her spray tan was found it gained accolades. Emma does not like to step out the door without her tan. Over the years, this has formed an expert opinion of tans and tanning. Emma is also a strong advocate against sunbeds, her time spent in Australia very much bringing home the education and awareness of UV damage.