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Zest Skin Clinic
Average rating:  
 52 reviews
by Alan Caffrey on Zest Skin Clinic
Zest Clinic

I have been to Zest skin clinic on a few occasions now for lazer treatment for tread veins. I recommend it 100%. Its a beauiful clinic, very warm and its so clean and hygienic. Eamma is a pleasure to deal with and a brilliant professional. As for the treatment its so impressive, I have been delighted with every visit and the rsults are clear to see. I will continue to use Zest for treatment and totally recommend this clinic. You won't find better than Zest for results and value for money!.

by John C on Zest Skin Clinic
Acne/Skin treatmeant

I was just in with Jess getting a one hour freshley squeezed signature facial.

I just wanted to say how amazing it was again , even though it was my second time getting this , it was just as amazing as the first if not better , and the results on my skin is really quite an amazing improvement . I never taught I would ever get to this stage in terms of Acne Treatmeant/Managemeant.

I have been visiting Zest.ie for about 9 months now . and it's very reassuring to know that there is someone there to ask for advice in terms of my Acne management , with the continued help from Emma and Jess @zest.ie, I think this alone contribrtues to fast and positive results.

Also there monthly specials makes it such an easy choice to get any of there products/treatmeants in terms of value for money, is really hard to turn down .

Can't wait for my next visit ... ☺

by Rose on Zest Skin Clinic
5 star Viora treatment

I had a wonderful Viora facial with Emma on Friday . She is very knowledgeable and her treatment was gentle but very effective and I am really delighted, Anything that helps with tightening the skin and redefining the face is a definite plus.
I really enjoyed my visit to her salon

by Tayla hunter on Zest Skin Clinic
Would highly recommend

I want to say a big thank you to everyone at zest & would highly recommend them to anyone needing skin treatment! Emma and Jess have both been welcoming and professional. The treatments have all been very affective and leaving every time I feel satisfied.

by John on Zest Skin Clinic
Acne Treatmeant

I suffered from acne as a teen and had two 6 month courses of Roaccutane over a period of 6-7 years.
It did improve my acne each time, however, it is a very expensive, very time consuming and it's a very hard treatment to be on, both mentally and physically.

When my acne symptoms started to return and get progressively worse, 7 months ago I was dreading having to get another course of Roaccutane.

However lucky enough I came across Zest.ie online, after a small bit of online research.

Having spent 4 months so far with Emma and Jess's help @ zest.ie. I am extremely impressed with the results and service I received to date.

My initial consultation with Emma was very professional and very assuring and welcoming. She is very knowledgeable and is very passionate about her work.

The Image skincare products and Accumax nutrition supplied buy Zest.ie do work wonders.

The back treatments and facial treatment with Jess, are very helpful for my Acne symptoms, and very relaxing. Jess is very precise professional and detailed in her work.

Couldn't fault my experience to date with zest, I'm really happy to have stumbled across this little gem.

by Mark on Zest Skin Clinic
Zest Skin Clinic

As a middle aged man, looking after myself was never a priority. I just put up with the acne on my back. I had a reduced quality of life for being embarrassed to take my top off whilst on holidays. Finally the wife encouraged me to try Zest.
After a consultation with Emma a package and treatment schedule was formed.
Great professional service was received from Jess and Emma.
After a few short weeks, there is a remarkable improvement in my skin and Im already feeling more confident about myself.
I'm just sorry I never had this done before now.
I would highly recommend Zest to anyone.

by Sandra sherwin on Zest Skin Clinic
Fab image skin treatments

Just finished a series of image peels and facials with Jess. Delighted with the results. My skin is much smoother , pores more refined and really cleared up my acne. Cant wait for more

by Joanne Newman on Zest Skin Clinic
Great service

I would highly recommend going to Zest , Emma is very helpful and professional. I always feel better about my skin after a few sessions with Emma. I am also using the Image skincare products which I am very satisfied with.

by Corey on Zest Skin Clinic

I would recommend taking a visit to zest. I have struggled with dry skin and acne for years on and off so I went to see Emma after seeing all the great reviews. She is very welcoming and has a lovely manner nothing is rushed and is very professional. I have just started with the image skincare range and have had one peel done so far Emma is very helpful with answering any questions you have.

by Justyna on Zest Skin Clinic

Thank you so much to the girls in Zest! I started my hair removal over a year ago. The results were and are amazing. I’m still hair free (being naturally dark this has made a huge positive impact on my life). The girls in Zest should be applauded for their professionalism. They put me at ease instantly and always were happy and pleasant. I highly recommend Zest and will have other treatment again. Thanks xx.

by Neil on Zest Skin Clinic
Laser Hair Removal

Really pleased after 3 laser sessions. Emma and her team are very professional.

by Damien on Zest Skin Clinic
Great results

Excellent! I went for laser hair removal and would recommend Zest to anyone who is looking for the same treatment. Amazing results after just three visits. The staff are super friendly make you feel at ease.

by Robbie C on Zest Skin Clinic
Excellent quality & service - Acne treatment

Went for acne treatment, with the help of Emma's skills and vast knowledge my acne has reduced considerably. Such a relief after years of trying various treatments that I've found something that finally works!

by Nikkie Mariz on Zest Skin Clinic
Amazing laser hair removal treatment!!!

I've just started my laser hair removal on my underarms and after just 1 session, I noticed big difference already! The hairs aren't that thick anymore and I don't have to shave very often anymore ( just once a week now). I'm very happy with the results and looking forward to my next sessions. I am actually planning to start laser hair removal on my chin as well.
In addition, Emma and the entire Zest team are really friendly and make me comfortable whenever I go to there.
I highly recommend Zest to anyone that's looking for a highly trained and very professional laser hair removal place to go to.

by Gina on Zest Skin Clinic
Laser Hair removal

I've only started my laser hair removal journey, and after two sessions I can see great results which I wasn't expecting at all. I had looked into a few different places to get it done but what sold me to zest was the pay as you go service, and all the information on the website answered everything I needed to know, so I felt quite confident about my treatment before I had even met Emma. I booked my free consultation online, very easy to do, and then we went from there.emma is lovely and will definitely put you at ease I was really nervous on my first appointment, and she reassured me. I will definitely be getting all my hair laser removal sessions here amongst other treatments too. It's a lovely friendly place to walk into.

by Abigail on Zest Skin Clinic
Wonderful experience!!!!!

I get facials here regularly and I can honestly say it is worth it. When I came in first I had a lot of spots on my chin that just would not go away and my skin was really oily. Now it's much better my skin is more even and I don't break out as much as I did before. It just goes to show that they really know what they're doing here it's definitely worth it I highly recommend it to anyone that wants a facial. 😀

by Lauren on Zest Skin Clinic

Excellent! I went for laser hair removal and would recommend Zest to anyone who is looking for the same treatment. Amazing results with very reasonable prices!

by Ciara on Zest Skin Clinic
Zest Skin Care

I tried Zest for the first time 4 months ago having searched for a solution for acne for years (I am now 25). I had gone on the contraceptive pill, attended skin specialist who promised results using various products, tried changing my diet, searched the Internet, nothing worked. When I finally met Emma at Zest I felt I had finally found what I was looking for; somebody with expertise that I knew wasn't just trying to "sell me something" but had done her research! Following a consultation I began a course of IPL, and started taking supplements and using products that Emma recommended. Four months later and not only is my skin looking clearer of acne but it also looks the healthiest it ever has! I'm absolutely thrilled with the results I've found in Zest. To me the best thing has been to find someone who I can trust who uses a holistic, evidence based approach, so I can finally stop trawling through the Internet and trust the expert. As a cherry on the top Emma is such a warm, lovely person that I looked forward to my experience every time I went. I can't recommend Zest highly enough to try if you are fed up with acne. 5 stars!

by jennifer on Zest Skin Clinic

I have been attending zest for just over a year now for laser hair removal I'm so pleased with the results and low maintenance, I feel so much more confident thanks to Emma's expert ways and professional knowledge, on each and every visit Emma greets you with a warm and friendly welcome she makes you feel so relaxed, the salon has a lovely warm feeling to it with its vibrant colours, I would definitely recommend to family and friends...

by detta on Zest Skin Clinic

Excellent. Nothing better in Dublin. Professional and friendly. So well trained.a must visit especially on a Saturday afternoon

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