Advanced Nutrition Program

Advanced Nutrition Program
Diet and supplementation plays a major role in creating healthy skin, hair and nails, so the range has found an appropriate niche in beauty salons and spas where therapists witness real improvements in their clients. It provides a level of focus on skin health that is not typically found in high street ranges. No single nutrient holds the secret to healthy youthful skin. It is the combination of vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients, working together, that create and maintain healthy skin cells. Hence, the range offers a simple building block approach where each product is designed to work and balance with other products in the series. This means that an individual with dry skin, for example, who wants better hydration and to build collagen, and who wants extra antioxidant sun-protective defences for her holiday, can add another product to her foundation supplement.

When you want to look your best, what you take internally can be as important as what you apply topically. Our Skin Range is the first step in any good skincare regime and contains nutrients that help maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. When your body is making healthy cells on the inside, you have the foundations to help it look radiant on the outside.

Wellbeing range has been carefully formulated to provide key nutrients for overall health and vitality. We recommend that you take one of our multi-vitamins in conjunction with our other products, so that you get the widest range of benefits.
Skin Accumax
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Skin AccumaxTM has a unique formula containing our ground-breaking and skin-perfecting ingredient DIM (a patented, highly active plant compound), as well as other complexion enhancing active ingredients. Skin AccumaxTM contains a completely unique patented and exciting ingredient called DIM which works from the inside out. This scientifically advanced formulation enables the active nutrients to work together much better than they would individually. They are your skin’s ultimate complexion enhancing power team! DIM is a clever plant compound, it's even been patented! You will not find this unique combination of ingredients in any other supplement. Not only that, but we have combined DIM with a special blend of vitamins that are known for maintaining healthy skin.