Fed up with high-pressure sales? Feel like the salon you visit can only offer limited experience and treatment?

Zest is a breath of fresh air in a predominantly chain led industry

Understanding, education and experience underpin our clinic founded by Emma Ryall nearing two decades in the industry Emma understood clients wanted a more bespoke evidence-based treatment pathway. Zest Clinic was formed with a principal goal in mind, to provide safe, effective and trusted aesthetic treatments where client outcomes are of the highest standard while achieving your skin goals.

We are a team of therapists, nurses and doctors that provide the best in clinical care. Over the past 5 years, we have become Swords trusted name in non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

We are fully equipped to combat premature ageing, we specialise in skin health for combating acne and controlling rosacea. We take experience and education so seriously we started the Aesthetic Training Academy Ireland. We strive to be the clinic you tell your friends and family about. We believe that focus is represented in our reviews; after all, it is not what we say but what our clients say that matters.

At Zest, we specialise in skin health which follows through to our acne treatment and rosacea management. We provide anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and laser treatments, chemical peels, facials. and a whole lot more.

Our entire ethos revolves around customised treatment so the first thing we have you do is come in for a consultation.

We are committed to results no matter if you are visiting us for laser hair removal or combating skin complains you have had all your life.