Acne Treatment Fitzwilliam Square

acne treatment that works without the drugs, with a cutting edge, natural dermatology laser clinic.

Our clients are searching around Fitzwilliam Square for more natural options than ineffective and unwanted antibiotics and other medications. Treating acne from the inside out has separated our clinic in the market and has established itself as a leading clinic in the treatment of acne. Pictured, Emma Ryall proprietor of Zest, acne treatment professional, acne sufferer, CIBTAC, ITEC, CIDESCO accredited aesthetician & industry master trainer City & Guilds Accreditation No: 500/5753/4 with over 14  years experience in treating skin conditions. 

Acne treatment laser clinic Fitzwilliam Square

Treating all grades of acne plus post acne scarring, using a full range of specially formulated dietary supplements, laser and IPL therapy, facial peels and topical cosmeceuticals.

A modern and cutting edge acne treatment clinic, providing the options our clients are searching for; options dermatologists and doctors are just not offering. One of the key reasons we find more people are visiting our laser skin clinic for their acne treatment is the inside out natural dermatology methodology we use.

Acne Vulgaris, the most common type of acne often begins in teenage years as the hormonal balance changes. Coming in many forms It is characterised by blackheads (comedones) and whiteheads (milia). If left untreated the propionibacterium multiples and we see the manifestation of more severe acne. Despite most teenage acne clearing with age, adult onset acne is very common. We specialise in adult onset acne and we are yet to find a client that follows the treatment plan not able to control or cure their breakouts with no need for medications.

  • Bacteria + Sebum = Irritation
  • Enclosure + Sebum = Closed Comedone
  • Enclosure + Bacteria + Sebum = Full-blown Acne

Because treating acne at the source, just makes more sense than filling our bodies with drugs,

You will not be asked to take out a prescription for antibiotics, just like Accutane or Roaccutane, in our in-depth article on Dermatologists no friends to acne sufferers you can see why Accutane was recalled in 2005, despite it still being available under other names. The critical feedback we receive from our clients is they have been on medication for months if not years with little improvement in their acne breakouts.

We believe in treating the underlying causes of acne. Furthermore, it is widely known that antibiotics cause more problems for our bodies fighting off ailments when we finally do need an antibiotic, for a serious illness. In our article how does acne form you can gain a great deal of insight into why we have an acne breakout.

Also, one of the most overlooked triggers of severe acne is nutrient deficiencies. We also created an article directly addressing the links between nutrient deficiencies and skin conditions. All our articles are based on peer-reviewed research backed up by science and our ever increasing list of happy clients, please see our main review page.

How does the acne treatment work?

Dietary Supplement, addressing the acne from the inside first, with Skin Accumax a naturally-derived dietary supplement specifically formulated for acne sufferers

Skin Peels, using a bespoke methodology facial peels are created using specific serums and cosmeceuticals as each client’s skin is unique so is our treatment

Laser & IPL therapy. Proven to aid in the combatting of acne and used for the treatment of post acne scarring.

How much does acne treatment cost?

  • An initial skin consultation is €25 this comes off of your treatment cost if you wish to proceed.
  • Skin Accumax is €89.95 for 120 capsules
  • Facial Peels are €80
  • Laser & IPL therapy starts at €75 per session

This is not indicative of your acne treatment costs. Because no single treatment can cure acne, we design a range of packages to aid in a more budget friendly price. We also offer a subscription acne treatment plan. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments that are easy to budget and contains all that is needed, including cosmeceutical and dietary home care products.

We find many people search for acne treatment in and around the Fitzwilliam Square or Dublin locations while living outside of the city. Our clinic offers evening appointments catering for people’s lifestyle and like for not having to be in the city area, for their treatment.

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