Discover the confident YOU through clear skin

Zest laser and skin clinic the secret to skin health, a clear skin comes from within, natural dermatology is the science of treating common skin conditions on the inside first. Supported with technology and science producing a bespoke treatment process that delivers results, be it to reduce the visible signs of ageing, adult Acne, Rosacea, Eczema or Psoriasis. Progressive treatment also requires quality supporting equipment, our laser machines produce, we are told the most effective laser hair removal many people have experienced. Visiting our clinic for hair removal or advanced skin treatment one thing is constant, a driven by results methodology and a customer experience second to none. Come in and discover the best version of you.

Discover the Confident YOU Through Clear Skin
We provide confidence in life through skin health delivering the best version of you by utilising the latest principals in natural Dermatology backed by science and technology. Our promise is to give a level of customer service and experience that is unmatched.
When only a bespoke treatment clinic will do, think Zest 

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A specialist laser and skin clinic located in Swords, Dublin

A fusion of the relaxation and customer experience of a beauty salon with the results first methodology of a bespoke skin clinic.

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Zest is a specialised laser skin clinic, offering a natural approach to the treatment of Acne, Rosacea, Eczema and Psoriasis. A bespoke methodology treating the underlying causes and triggers and supporting the treatment process with dietary supplements, cosmeceutical products plus laser & IPL therapy. With over 14 years experience in skin condition treatment, our reviews speak volumes for the understanding and knowledge of problematic skin conditions.

Pay per session laser hair removal

Providing the most effective laser hair removal is simply a byproduct of using the finest laser technology. Being a skin clinic means the equipment we use is medical grade and the same as used in leading aesthetic surgery clinics. We also provide a pay per session service with no large upfront payments.

Laser Any Bikini Line for only €49

  • No Pre-Course Purchase
  • Medical Grade CYNOSURE Laser
  • All Skin Types
  • 14+ Years Experience

Book in your bikini line today, make a booking online or contact us The consultation plus required patch test, is free and without obligation.

Laser Hair Removal Information

We have put together an unbiased laser informational article, covering the three main laser machine brands, CYNOSURE, Lumenis and Candela. Covering most of the common questions asked and is a supplement, to the hair removal FAQ you will find a great deal of information on The Knowledge, our resource centre for treatment information.

Emma is amazing. Super friendly, great customer service. I am only on my second laser session and I am thrilled so far as I have already seen results. My hair growth has slowed down tremendously. Very very happy so far. Can’t wait to see the final results. Yve Li – FacebookRead more reviews

Skin is our thing

Suffering from acne, in need of age prevention therapies or removing the signs of ageing with laser and photorejuvenation Emma has the treatment that will have you discovering the best version of you.

Laser Skin Specialist Dublin

Emma Ryall. A licenced aesthetician, CIBTAC, ITEC and CIDESCO accredited professional therapist with over 14 years industry experience, specialising in skincare. Emma is also a master trainer, City & Guilds – Accreditation No: 500/5753/4

Emma is the proprietor of Zest and performs all skin consultations and advanced treatments. A specialist in skin treatment for Acne, Rosacea, Eczema and Psoriasis in addition to vascular treatment, anti-ageing therapies and all general non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

Passionate and professional; you will be hard-pressed to find a more capable therapist. Make a booking and see Emma, together you will discover the best version of you. After all, as Emma likes to say, Skin is her thing

Advanced Nutrition Programme

Advanced Nutrition Programme is a specifically formulated range of dietary supplements designed to aid in the treatment of common skin complaints plus a general well-being range. Used as part of the treatment process and available through our online store.

Skin Accumax is a supplement formulated for the treatment of acne & rosacea, visit the Skin Accumax information page for more information.

At Zest, we believe education is key for our industry and our clients. Throughout the website, you will find in-depth information covering many of the treatments we offer. Zest Academy offers short courses for the beauty industry and we also run public accessible programmes. Launched at the beginning of 2016, the courses we offer will be expanding throughout the year. The menu will take you through many of the common skin complaints that we treat and below we highlight some of the articles from The Knowledge.

Laser hair removal is a mainstay treatment at Zest, we use possibly the most effective laser machine that is available on the market, the CYNOSURE Elite. With Alexandrite and ND YAG lasers we are able to remove hair from all skin types. There are no gimmicks at Zest, just results. You will see results from the first session and the treatment duration is 6 sessions. We have no pre-course purchase requirements our price is pay as you go with no surprises.

We are a specialist acne treatment clinic

Offering an inside out treatment methodology with laser, dietary supplements, a natural dermatology ethos backed by research and science

One of the single most common skin conditions, acne affects around 85% of the population.Understanding how acne forms and what we can do to minimise the triggers, causes and lowering the chance of cystic acne, We look in depth at sebum production, all acne begins with excess sebum production.

Acne sufferers in particular often present with several triggers, diet and our lifestyle are two of the major factors that need attention within the acne treatment plan. A slightly long article Nutrient Deficiencies the missing link in clear skin delves into common deficiencies.

Medical Micro-Needling an alternative to anti-wrinkle injections. Natural beauty begins from within and this treatment is a real beauty stimulator. Utilising the latest science in collagen inducing therapy and the bodies natural healing response.