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zest – the best version of you

How we approach our ‘clinical environment’ carries through to our training, after care and client experience.

Visiting Zest is taking ownership of your bodies overall well being. Our inside out approach, borrows heavily from Eastern thinking, many skin complaints start on the inside, we look at the inside to gain a fresh, zestier you on the outside.

Discover Skin Needling

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Treating acne requires options, at Zest we have access to the latest in IPL Laser technology, topical acne products, dietary supplements specifically formulated for acne sufferers & a range of skincare products specifically designed in the control and management of acne breakout.

zest a stockist of the Advanced Nutrition Program group of skincare and wellbeing products. Advanced Nutrition Program also incorporates the Skin Accumax therapy, a scientifically derived naturally based supplement specifically formulated for acne and problematic skin complaints. Talk to a zest skin specialist today and discover why a zest acne treatment plan is gaining results whereby people had all but given up any hope. Our core philosophy of treating the underlying environmental factors and hormonal balance therapy is giving more than hope when all including doctors have failed.

zest is leading the initiative in environmental factor research into problematic skin complaints, in combination with Apple’s wearable technology, zest are able to look deeper into the environmental and physiological factors that influence skin complaints. A pilot program is being launched in 2015 and existing and new clients will be invited to take part in the better understanding of problematic skin disorders.

Medical Skin Needling

Many establishments market skin needling as if it is an everyday treatment you can simply pop into a salon to avail.

Zest treat skin needling with the clinical ethos & hygiene the treatment demands.
Over the last decade the beauty industry has changed a great deal, nails, tans and massage will always be a salon service. With advancements in technology, cosmetic surgery has taken a back seat through the introduction of advanced anti-ageing procedures.

Skin needling has revolutionised anti-ageing treatment. The use of a medical grade titanium derma roller creates thousands of tiny pin-pricks into the dermis where specialist serums can penetrate deeply. Zest use the Genosys “Collagen Induction Therapy” professional only serums dependent on the individuals skin complaint and required procedure.

Skin needling, (Derma Rolling) stimulates the bodies natural collagen & skin cell production through the delivery of specialised serums deep within the dermis. Although the treatment is popular, the actual procedure is a specialised treatment where by skin professionals use delivery system not available to the public. Although home versions of (DermaRoller) are available, these rollers have virtually no penetration into the dermis layers & the public do not have access to the specialised reactive serums.

What Does Skin Needling Treat?

Skin needling is effective on a wide variety of skin conditions. It can be used on the face & on the body, as a variety of sizes of needle enable the professional to choose the most appropriate one for the area being treated.

Skin conditions that respond well to needling include:
  • wrinkles / lines / crow’s feet
  • scars / acne scars
  • broken capillaries
  • Hyperpigmentation / uneven pigmentation
  • Cellulite
  • Stretch marks

Skin needling delivers visible reduction in the appearance of these issues, as well as increase in skin firmness, as regular use of the needling will encourage the skin to thicken thanks to the strong collagen. The result is a brighter, fresher more even complexion as collagen growth is stimulated from deep within the dermis.

Look fresh? Must have visited zest

Specialist skin clinic for problematic skin complaints.

Caring & understanding, private clinic for women and men.

Zest gaining better results than a doctors treatment can provide.

IPL – Great Results!

Mar 20, 2015 by Claire Ruxton

After a series of IPL & peel treatments my skin looks and feels amazing. It’s wonderful to be in a safe pair of hands. Thank you so much …
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Excellent Beautician

Mar 20, 2015 by Catherine

Emma is an excellent professional. She’s very knowlegable about laser and my skin has improved greatly since I began treatment….
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brilliant results

Mar 15, 2015 by Michelle Farrell

Having always suffered from oily sensitive skin, i have tried every product. They either caused breakouts or blotches horrible redness and …
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5 star quality & service

Mar 11, 2015 by Hazel O Carroll

For a 5 star service at very reasonable rates, Salon Zest is a must visit. Emma delivers a relaxing and professional salon experience in a …
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You will discover on your first visit to Salon Zest that not all salons or therapists were created equal.

With the fusion of heavenly 1-2-1 pampering and the power of modern cosmeceutical treatments this fresh, vibrant boutique clinic sets itself apart from the rest.

Zest is all about YOU. Emma’s main ambition is to to change the way salons have become in recent years, bringing them back to what a clinical visit should be, as opposed to that rushed in and out feeling you sadly often experience.

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IPL Skin Clinic Swords

Bring back your skin, from within

Sun, age, medications and genetics can all play a part in your skin developing pigmentation. We use the latest in IPL technology from Lynton for the effective treatment of pigmentation.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses wavelengths of heated light, which are directly aimed at the pigmented spots, this charged energy light is selectively emitted and absorbed by the pigmented areas. The advantages of this technology include the fact that the pigment can be targeted precisely without damaging the surrounding tissue.

View our IPL Treatment for Pigmentation options.

Ireland's best spray tan rapid and standard options

The look of natural tan, to your desired shade

We cheekily advertise ourselves as Ireland’s best spry tan! Big claim true but not all tans were created equal. The time Emma spent in Australia greatly opened here up to far more tan options. It may surprise you to know that Aussie’s tend to fake it far more than bake it compared to us folk here.

With the Australian being very particular in obtaining only the best natural looking tan Emma has brought this experience home in selecting only the finest tan options in rapid and standard tan.

Come in & discover just how good a Salon Zest tan is

View our Spray Tan options.

Relaxing facials

Diminish the signs of age, fresh vibrant, beautiful you.

Relax; and be taken away to a calm soothing world, with no children, men, or dinner to worry about. This is your time, your Zest time. Recharge and invigorate your soul.

Select a pure pampering facial or a results driven advanced facial peel course all completely customised to your specific requirements and skin needs.

BHA/AHA Facial peel courses are available, the course is specifically tailored and results measured to obtain the maximum benefit and to ensure the correct strength peel is being used.

View our Facial & Peel options.

Skin fillers botox

Clear skin, for problematic conditions

Suffering from acne, thread veins, rosacea, hyper pigmentation, and free radical damage just naming a few skin issues that require the best of treatment. Zest takes equipment and training very seriously, it is why all our machinery is medical grade and why we continue to push the industry-training envelope. Don’t just take our word for it, read from the extensive list of ladies that are delighted they discovered Zest.

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